Vaping accessories for every occasion

It’s often said that the little things add up – and here, our range of vaping accessories adds up to an astonishing array of vaper delights. Whether you need a replacement part, fancy trying something new, or just want some spares in case of emergencies, we’ve got the vape accessory for you. Our extensive selection of batteries, chargers, wicks and wires will keep all your e-cigarettes in tiptop shape, offering you the best possible vaping experience.

Vaping Accessories - Must Have Items

Accessories are designed to suit most brands and models, enabling you to customise your vape as much as you want. Most come in a variety of exciting colours, so you can personalise your vape style to suit your mood, and with fast delivery all over the UK, now’s the perfect time to start experimenting with your vapes.

Find out more below about the various e cigarette accessories we have to offer, and browse our full collection of products to find the ones that are right for you.


These beauties provide the power for all your vaping activities, so it’s important to keep them charged, primed and compatible with the rest of your kit. A standard vape pen uses 18650 batteries, so there are plenty of those to choose from, such as our Efest Lithium Manganese (LiMn) batteries -designed to provide a continuous high flow of power and offering harder casing to reduce the risk of damage. These are great for most mods and are some of our most popular vaping accessories, along with the chargers and cases to match.

For those seeking a little more punch for their pound, there’s also a selection of 26650 batteries, great for sub ohm vapers looking to create some clouds.

Carry pouches

Carriers are a convenient and tasteful way to keep all your vaping paraphernalia with you wherever you go. There are simple protective cases in a variety of attractive colours to keep your tank safe from harm, along with full carry pouches from Youde with a full complement of pockets to hold your pen, tanks, mods, coils, e liquids and more. We also offer Geekvape’s full customising kits for anyone with an interest in RBAs, providing you with all the equipment you need to construct and test your own coils anytime, anyplace.


You want to be able to vape wherever you go, so it makes sense to have a charger that can keep the electrical juices flowing no matter where you end up. At E-Cigarette Technologies we want to make sure your e cig needs are met regardless of what you’re up to, so we have a wide selection of chargers and accessories for use with mains sockets, in car chargers and USB chargers, as well as spare battery holders and charger leads to suit various fittings. With big names like Aspire and Ego in stock, along with vaping accessory giant Efest, there’s plenty to keep you powered up.

Drip Tips

These unassuming yet elegant vaping accessories are the crucial link between the tank and mouth of any vaper with a penchant for dripping. Designed so that a little e liquid can be ‘dripped’ into them, before being heated, vaporised and inhaled, these beauties are the realm of RBA, RTA and sub ohm

vapers. They come in a variety of materials which all boast different advantages depending on personal preference.

Plastic drip tips are great for people with a tendency to lose things, as they’re cheap and easily replaceable. For those seeking more style with their substance, wooden and metal drip tips make for eye catching vaping accessories. Aluminium and stainless steel offer low-cost options, with higher-end products made of gold or titanium providing a more luxurious finish. Wood gives a softer, more refined look to your device, but make sure you opt for one with a high quality finish, as there’s nothing worse than warped wood or - worse - a splinter.

For the ultimate in flavour, glass drip tips are recommended. They also have the benefit of being highly ornate and colourful, but are expensive and break easily. A happier balance may be to use a stone or resin drip tip, which allows for a more decorative finish but is more durable – although this comes at a cost.


These are the various accessories for vaping RBA, RTA and sub ohm devices, where producing your own coils is part of the fun – and challenge. Here at we stock a full range of hooks, cutters, pliers, tweezers and coil jigs to help you create coils of any size. We also offer full kits from market leaders Geekvape and Youde, for those who want everything they need in one handy place.

Wicks and wires

Also for the more adventurous vapers among you, our selection of wick and wire accessories provides you with the raw materials required for modifying your own coils. Cotton is available on its own or as part of cotton/wire sets, with various gauges of wire on offer to suit your needs. Additionally, Youde have produced a series of prebuilt coils with a variety of ohm ratings, perfect if you’re in need of a quick fix or want a safe option if you’re new to sub ohm vaping.

Accessorise your vaping experience with

In addition to the wide selection of products we have on offer, our vaping accessory range also incorporates useful extras such as replacement glass tanks, ornate metal sleeves to adorn your clearomizers, subtank O rings and Ego/510 adapters to ensure that your chosen tanks and batteries fit like a glove. With brands like Kanger, Eleaf and Aspire in stock across a sizeable collection of goods, there’s plenty to keep your device in top form with any budget.

So for the very latest in modern, quality vaping accessories, take a break from chasing clouds and browse our full array of high-end e cigarette products available online and instore, and let us make your e cigarette experience truly unforgettable in the best possible way.