18650 Battery Case

18650 Battery Case

Everyone who owns 18650 batteries should own a 18650 battery case. Efest know exactly what a customer wants from one of their batteries, and they gather this information by consistently listening to customer feedback and delivering on these demands.


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Keep Your Batteries Safe In A Case

Their technology is highly praised among the vaping community, as well as many other communities in which their technology is applied. Not a single product leaves the production floor of the Efest factory without being extensively tested in performance and safety, and this dedication in build quality shows in their every last piece of technology.

This battery case for 18650’s is the perfect case for a vaper who is always on the move. There is, quite simply, nothing worse than running out of power when out and about. It has happened to all of us – the battery indicator starts blinking and panic mode settles in! With most electronic cigarette devices, including the higher end of mods, this low battery level means that only a few drags of that fine juice are available before the unit shuts down completely.

With the Efest 18650 Battery Case, however, you can conveniently and safely transport a set of two 18650 batteries with you, ensuring that your mod can always be powered by one of the best battery units on the market. The case is built from a sturdy and durable strong plastic, making it tough, but lightweight – ideal for carrying over long distances. The case is easily flipped open, and fastens tight, ensuring the batteries are locked securely within the case. Never gamble, and always carry a spare 18650 battery with you!

2 reviews for 18650 Battery Case
  1. 5 out of 5

    Arrived the very next day. Excellent service.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Neat little case. Bargain price. Durable build, and doesn’t pop open.

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