Efest 20700 3000mAh 30A Battery – Two Pack

Efest 20700 3000mAh 30A Battery – Two Pack

When it comes to powering your mod, you want only the best of power hidden under the hood. Batteries for your devices are advertised everywhere you look, offering everything under the sun, but only Efest can promise to give your mod the kick that it needs the most, with reliability and power at the forefront of their design.


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20700 Battery From Efest

The 20700 batteries have a whopping 3000 mAh of power, enough punch to keep your unit firing at full whack for several vaping sessions, and they have been built with safety in mind. They have a discharge rate of 30A, and the juice levels are easily monitored by your mods OLED screen.

With a 3.7 volts range, and a flat top for easy fitting, the batteries are easily charged in compatible units. The batteries are, however, slightly longer than traditional builds, and will not fit in the majority of standalone chargers – a multi charger, in most cases, will be required. They are only recommended for use with mods that explicitly state their ability to use 20700 batteries – mods that use the popular 18650 batteries will not work with this twin pack. If you are in any doubt about which battery your mod can handle, then please contact us regarding the matter. Using incorrect batteries in your device can damage the unit and be potentially dangerous.

For mods that can handle 20700 batteries, Efest really do have the best on offer. These batteries have been tried and tested on a number of units, including the LUC V2 and the Nitecore D4, with amazing results and life.


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