LG HE2 18650 Battery

LG HE2 18650 Battery

The entire range of batteries by the world renown technology giant, LG, have been tried and tested in every aspect of electronic cigarette use, and have always come out trumps in their high-end, high performance cells.


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LG’s HE2 Battery Cell

The LG HE2 18650 35A 2500mAh High Drain Battery only proves this fact, packing an enormous amount of kick into a tiny unit. It is guaranteed to keep your electronic cigarette fully powered for a long period of time, and throws a great amount of power into every touch of the firing button.

The HE2 18650 Battery has been designed based on its predecessor – however, this latest model has much better heat control functionality incorporated into the cells. This guarantees that your unit is never working too hard against the battery, and that a stable, cool and comfortable temperature is maintained at all times, during all vaping sessions.

The LG batteries have been made to work in technology as powerful as German power tools, so you can be certain that ultra-high amounts of power well be sent through your unit, pumping out only the best in vapour production. The battery has a typical capacity of 2500mAh, has a nominal voltage of 3.6V, and a cut-off voltage of 2.5V. The batteries always produce favourable results and, used correctly, will last for long periods of time before the need to seek a replacement. When inserting batteries, or changing from old ones, always refer to the manual that came with your electronic cigarette unit.


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