LG HE4 18650 Battery

LG HE4 18650 Battery

It is sometimes a little overwhelming in having to decide on the best battery unit for your beloved device. Hundreds of batteries promise to deliver an influx of different results for your electronic cigarette, but with an LG HE4 18650 2500mAh 35A High Drain Battery you can rest assured that every ounce of power has been specially formulated to concentrate on the elements of your device that matter the most, delivering the very best of results, in immaculate fashion, every time.


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The HE4 Battery From LG

Built from only the finest in cell technology, LG’s range of HE battery formulations ensure that your unit is working in the most pristine fashion at all times. The mammoth 2500mAh of power is used expertly to concentrate on the most important features of your device, ensuring longevity and that firing conditions are maintained the way you specified throughout the vaping session. All of LG’s electronic cigarette batteries are high-end, high-profile units, always promising to deliver the maximum amount of power to your unit, every time.

The LG HE4 batteries have a typical capacity of 2500mAh – a significant amount of punch, indeed! Used correctly, they will always deliver the very best results in terms of flavour quality and cloud capacity. With an LG HE4 battery behind your unit, you’ll always be granted the best possible vaping session.

When switching batteries, or fitting for the first time, LG recommends that you refer to your instruction manual for your device. This will guarantee that the battery works flawlessly and that the device is correctly maintained.


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