Sony VTC5 18650 Battery

Sony VTC5 18650 Battery

Sony batteries make certain that your electronic cigarette is performing at the very best it can be and the VTC5 Battery is no exception.


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VTC5: The Most Sought After Mod Battery

All vapers like to fine tune their devices, with regard to wattage ranges and temperature control settings, ensuring that their e-liquid tastes just the way they want it to, and that cloud production is perfect to their liking, and, in order to do so, your unit needs the best in battery performance – Sony always deliver in this respect.

The VTC5 18650 battery is a high powered, high end e cigarette battery for the most sophisticated and powerful of electronic cigarette units. It stores a whopping 2600 mAh of power, so that the vaper knows there is always going to be plenty of electricity available to fire their device. The batteries are known to be extremely long lasting and incredibly reliable. There is nothing worse than running out of power when you need your favourite e-liquid the most, and purchasing a spare Sony VTC5 18650 battery will have you comforted that power is always at hand.

Please remember to never charge this battery over 4.2 volts. Never change the polarity of the battery and do not heat the battery or store it in areas with high temperatures. Do not short circuit the battery and make certain that it never comes into contact with water. If you intend to store the battery for a considerable period of time, be sure that it is kept in an area below 45 degrees Celsius. Never discharge the battery below 3 volts. Please follow these rules.


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