Sony VTC5A 18650 Battery

Sony VTC5A 18650 Battery

There is nothing worse than needing that all important vape of your finest e-liquid juice, only to discover that upon pressing that firing button, you are out of power. With a Sony VTC5A 18650 battery you can be certain that those horrid occasions are far and few between.


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The VTC5A: An Upgraded Battery

The battery packs a mammoth 3000 mAh of charge – making it one of the most powerful batteries available in the industry, a unit so powerful that it has been developed entirely around the amounts of power your device requires. Every last ounce of juice from this battery is guaranteed to be delivered to your tank’s coil, promising the finest in vaping experiences, and taking all of your user defined settings into consideration, with regard temperature control modes and wattage settings. The battery has earned much praise amongst the vaping community, and has been known to be long lasting between each and every charge cycle.

Please remember that, with all batteries, certain guidelines should be followed to ensure that the best of performance is always granted and that you are kept safe. The batteries should never be used at too high a voltage and should never be dropped below a certain amount. Make certain that the battery is never stored in too high a temperature environment and that, if going to be left for prolonged periods, the battery is kept cool. Always refer to the manufacturer instructions that came with this product before using it for the first time.


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