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Travel Bags and Carry Pouches For Your E Cig Equipment

If you intend to travel about with your beloved device then you can’t go wrong with one our carry pouches. We stock a generous range of travel cases, carry pouches, silicone covers and even travel packs for the enthusiast’s extensive amount of precious kit. All of our carry pouches are built from reliable manufacturers and designed to fit your device snugly, protecting it against the elements. Our tool kits can house a massive array of equipment, securely fastened, ensuring that nothing gets bumped and banged on your travels.

Travelling With Your Electronic Cigarettes – What You Need To Know

We all take our favourite vaping device with us, wherever we go – we have it in the car, at work, at the pub (wherever allowed), and we use it out and about on walks and camping trips. Travelling with an electronic cigarette is second nature – we just do it all the time without thinking about it.

When travelling abroad, however, a number of problems may arise. Having a carry pouch when going abroad will help protect your device in your hand luggage and is much advised.

Below we help answer a number of travel-related questions with vaping as a prime concern. As every day passes, we hear about new rules and regulations that only seem to hinder the vaping experience. The information, sometimes, is just rumour, and at other times, deadly serious. As vapers, we like to experience our fine flavours wherever we go, but sometimes a few hurdles get in our way.

Can I Take My Electronic Cigarette Aboard A Plane?

There's no direct answer to this, and we recommend that your first check with the airline – just drop them a polite email asking about their rules and regulations on electronic cigarettes. The replies tend to vary between airlines (crazy, we know), in the same way it varies between public houses and restaurants.

We have found that most airlines allow you to take your device on-board a plane, as long as it is stored in your hand luggage. If your device has a compatible carry pouch, then this will help protect it against any collisions. As is always the case, when your device is not going to be used for a period of time, you should power it down.

Can I Take E-liquid On A Plane?

Again, it varies between airlines, and it is always best to ask before arriving at the airport. Generally, there shouldn't be a problem taking a couple of bottles of your favourite juice on-board with you. However, as with other contents, the bottles must be stored in a clear plastic bag.

Can I Use My Electronic Cigarette On a Plane?

No – not a hope in hell's chance! Every airline that we know of has a full ban on vaping on-board their planes. It's not even worth attempting to take a sneaky vape, even if you intend to keep cloud to a minimum – if caught, you could face a fine, or, even worse, a stint behind bars. In time, who knows, maybe the ban will be lifted when the benefits of vaping are fully realised, but as things stand, right now, the only way you'll get to vape at ten thousand feet is by purchasing your own plane!

Can I Use My E-Cigarette On A Ferry?

This is hit and miss, and again, its best to contact the company before booking. We do know that P&O have an outright ban on vaping aboard their ferries, but other companies are more lax. They change their rules on a regular basis and the only way to have an up-to-date answer is to contact them directly, as close to your booking date as possible.

Can I Use My E-Cig On A Train?

Nearly every train operator in Britain has banned vaping on their trains and on their platforms (again, a crazy thing to do, considering you're stood in the open waiting for their delayed service, but that's the way it stands!) Some smaller, independent, train operators don't really have a “yes” or “no” policy behind vaping, but these operators are far and few between. It's a good idea to ask, especially if your travel is going to consists of long train journeys, but don't expect a positive reply. Abroad, however, train operators can be more relaxed on their vaping policies – holidays that consist of a great amount of train travel may accommodate the vaper, but, as before, you really should contact them directly before you book.

Which Countries Allow Me To Vape?

This varies enormously. Vaping is, to many, a somewhat new trend, and it has recently exploded in popularity. Because of this, countries around the world are having a hard time trying to settle on any standard rule-set for vaping. It's a very mixed bag. The short answer, is that the majority of popular destinations allow vaping and importing e-liquid for personal use, despite any ban that may apply to sale in their land. You really need to check before you travel. If your target destination has a ban on sale, but not a ban on personal use, then it is wise to stock up on liquid and take a sufficient amount with you (but, again, check the rules). A number of websites have up-to-date information on a country-by-country basis, and you are much advised to relate to this information before you travel.

Travelling And Vaping, In A Nutshell

Wherever you travel within the UK, the odds are vaping will be allowed in an open area. Indoor use varies from establishment to establishment, and, if it's not obvious that you can vape, always ask the staff first. On British trains, it's almost certain that vaping will not be allowed. If you're going abroad, it may be slower to take the ferry, but some operators are okay with outdoor vaping – planes, however, are even stricter than trains, whichever airline you choose. Despite its popularity, vaping is still a young trend, and is rapidly growing in use. In time, we foresee the rules becoming more relaxed on a country-by-country scale, but in the meantime, the golden rule is to check before you book.