Power Up With Our Range Of Electronic Cigarette Chargers

There is only one thing worse than running low on power with your electronic cigarette, and that is running completely out of power! We sell a selection of chargers that promise to have your device up and running in no time. We sell Micro USB cables that can be taken anywhere with you, wall plug adapters to get your device pumped up faster, and high-end docking stations for the most powerful of batteries.

All of our chargers are sourced from the most reputable of manufacturers, and all comply to the highest of regulations and standards. No matter what your unit, we will have a charger that promises to deliver the best of charge, to guarantee that your favourite device will be firing on all cylinders, without any fuss.

USB Chargers For Built In Batteries

USB chargers are by far the most popular of all charging methods. The majority of devices sold here at incorporate the use of a Micro USB charging port. The reason this method is, by and large, the most popular form of charging your electronic cigarette is because the cable is lightweight enough to carry on your person, and can be used with an enormous range of different devices. Wherever you go, the likelihood of not finding a USB connection is minimal. All manner of devices support the connection, including laptops, tablets and televisions, to name but a few. Even some mobile phones are capable of donating a charge to your electronic cigarette, or vice versa, with the correct transformer. USB chargers can also be purchased with a car port adapter, allowing them to be connected to the cigarette port of a car. The versatility behind a USB charger is, pretty much, endless.

Most battery units sold at have a Micro USB connection, and the majority of devices come with a charging cable. Most pen style batteries also charge via a Micro USB port. Some exceptions are pen style units that have to be unscrewed from the tank and connected to a USB docking bay, but the cable used in this practise is always included and is not hard to come by, should a spare be needed. All of the larger, high-end units that have internal, built-in batteries are charged via the Micro USB method, and a cable is nearly always provided in with the packaging.

While Micro USB is a popular form of charging for our everyday components, and we are almost certain to have many cables knocking about at home, or at work, it is always recommended that you use the cable provided by your electronic cigarette manufacturer, or use a dedicated cable for such purposes, as sold here at If you have any doubts, please drop us a line.

Wall Plug Chargers

All wall plug chargers serve the same purpose as the USB chargers. More often than not, the USB cable, listed above, connects directly to a wall plug charger, and can be removed, when suited, to take with you on your travels. Wall plug chargers are the most recommended method of charging, wherever possible, as they provide the most consistent current without any possible interruption, and they are often capable of charging your device in a much shorter amount of time. Some wall plug chargers also feature integrated chip systems that are capable of detecting the device that has been connected to it, and are able to provide a greater amount of voltage to refill the battery in a shorter time, with guaranteed results. All of our wall plug chargers are from reliable manufacturers and have full British Standards Certification.

Electronic Cigarette Battery Chargers

The most high end of electronic cigarette equipment, often referred to as mods, utilise separate batteries to power the device. They do not contain a built-in battery. These devices tend to be favoured among the more advanced of vapers, as they are capable of producing truly stunning results, and all types of settings can be manually altered to change the end result of the vape. Some of these devices do incorporate a Micro USB port, although this is normally for the sole purpose of upgrading the firmware of the unit and not for charging the batteries. The batteries are charged via a separate, high end, charging station.

There are a number of popular batteries within the electronic cigarette world, including the most popular 18650 battery. A charging station may be built to charge a particular type and size of battery, or may be versatile enough to allow different scales and capacities to be charged at the same time. Some battery charging stations are made to charge a single battery at a time, while others are made to charge several. The most enthusiastic of vaper will always have a set of spare batteries fully charged by using these stations, and will rotate the batteries in accordance to the discharge. Because these chargers are built to power the most high end of batteries, they are recommended to be used only by those experienced with different battery types and the charging process.

Battery Charging Guidelines

First and foremost, whenever you are charging, be it via USB, wall plug, or a charging station, you should never leave a unit unattended. All batteries used in the most popular of electronic cigarette devices incorporate lithium ion technology, which makes them immune to over-charging. This doesn't mean, however, that they can be left to do their own thing, unwatched. Your device is able to work with the lithium ion elements to detect when the battery is full, and this will be displayed on your device via an OLED display, or a flashing light, or – in the case of charging stations – a similar screen or indicator. Once fully charged, the battery should be removed from its power source.

When using a charging station, different types or sizes of batteries should not be mixed, unless the charger specifically states that you are able to do so. Care should be taken when charging individual cells, and you should always refer to the charging devices user manual before initiating the charging process.