Drip Tips

Style Your Mod With A New Drip Tip

Drip tips are one of the most essential parts of an electronic cigarette. Out of the myriad of components that combine together to build our brilliant devices, the drip tip is often not mentioned. Its critical role, however, cannot be stressed enough. A drip tip is, after all, the only component that makes contacts with our lips, connecting us to the fine flavours and clouds of the tank.

What Are Drip Tips?

Drip tips are essentially the mouthpiece to an electronic cigarette. Their importance is often under estimated, as they are often considered to be purchased solely for personal style. While there is nothing wrong in choosing a drip tip to give your device that bit of character, a drip tip is also capable of changing your entire vaping experience.

Drip tips were originally built to allow the vaper to attach the drip tip directly on to an atomiser. The e-liquid was then dropped through the hole of the drip tip and onto the atomiser, allowing the flavour to be vaped straight away. After a few vapes, the process had to be repeated. This method is called dripping, hence how the component got its name. While this practise is still used today, drip tips are – more often than not – used as mouthpieces to savour the flavours from within our tanks, and dripping is less often used.

Size And Shapes

Drip tips come in all shapes and sizes, and of every design imaginable. Gothic and fantasy designs of drip tips are popular, along with futuristic looking builds and sophisticated styles for the more elegant of vaper. Although it is tempting to purchase a drip tip based on its build, a vaper should first consider the size and shape of the drip tip, as there is a consensus among the vaping community that this factor has an effect on the overall end vape.

Wider drip tips are better suited to producing more vapour in the final draw. Depending on your personal settings and tank airflow, these drip tips can produce mass amounts of cloud and are ideal for the vaper of sweeter or fruitier juices, and for sub-ohm use and cloud chasing.

Narrower drip tips, on the other hand, are built to concentrate more-so on the flavour extractions of your e-liquid. They still produce a good quality of cloud, but target their efforts on shooting the finer flavours through their slimmer construction.

Drip tips can also be built of varying shapes that help to produce great amounts of vapour, while maximising flavour extractions at the same time. One example of this is the bowl shaped drip tips, but there are also many other builds that accomplish the same task. There is no golden rule on what size and shape of drip tip you should use. You are best advised to try different varieties to get the vape that satisfies your taste to a tee.

Drip Tip Materials

Drip tips are built from a wealth of different types of material. There is no perfect material for a drip tip – only the vaper can have the final say on what material best suits their tank, their flavours, and their overall vape. Below we list the most common of materials.

Plastic drip tips are the most cost effective option, and they come in a massive range of different styles, shapes, patterns and colours. Because they tend to be friendly on the finances, vapers often have a wide selection of plastic drip tips to keep interchanging – making for a different type of vape depending on their juice.

There are slightly more expensive types of plastic drip tips. These varieties are built mainly for sub-ohm vaping, as the elements behind their build help restrict the amount of heat that can build up with this type of vaping, thus making the experience more comfortable on the lips.

Metal is the second most popular type of material used in drip tips. The most cost effective metal drip tips are built from aluminium or stainless steel. The more enthusiastic of vapers can also opt for titanium or gold builds.

While metal drip tips can look stunning, and can be built to such high standards with appealing designs, they also conduct heat. Although, to most vaping needs, the heat will not reach a temperature high enough to effect the vape, it can be troublesome with sub-ohm vaping.

Stone drip tips often tend to be a little more expensive than other drip tip materials, but they really do deliver fine results. The stone element is able to resist heat, no matter what the vaping conditions, allowing for the user to sample their juice just as their tank intends it to be sampled. They are often constructed to extremely high standards, are durable, and can completely transform the overall look of your electronic cigarette.

The only concern with glass drip tips is that they are fragile, and therefore prone to damage. Many connoisseurs of e-liquids, however, swear by them. They are known to be completely heat resistant, and therefore cannot have any influence on the e-liquid. These connoisseurs often compare vaping premium e-liquids to drinking fine wines – in that a fine wine should not be drank from a plastic or metal mug, and therefore, neither should a fine e-liquid. Glass drip tips also come in many beautiful styles and designs, and can really add that bit of sparkle to your favourite device.

Wooden drip tips really do add a touch of sophisticated character to your device. However, when purchasing a wooden drip tip, you need to be certain that your are opting for a quality design, and not a cheap build. The cheaper wooden drip tips can have a low quality finish to them – combine this with the heat and moisture coming from the tank and you can have a wooden drip tip that starts to peel or splinter. The higher end wooden drip tips are built of materials that resist heat and are guaranteed to be extremely durable. At eCigarette.co.uk, we only stock the best of wooden drip tips.

Hybrid drip tips combine different combinations of the above materials to create a drip tip that has a mixture of different qualities. Gothic designs often incorporate the use of glass and metal, for example. Futuristic looking drip tips ten to blend stainless steel with durable plastics. There is an enormous array of hybrid drip tips on the market, and certainly one that will suit your device and your vape.