The Rook Drip Tip

The Rook Drip Tip

Every last component of your electronic can now be personalised to look just the way you want it to. You can give your beloved device a true character of its own.



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A Drip Tip For Chess Fans

The higher end devices allow for complete control over the final look you wish your device to have, and – more often than not – the look can be changeable. Some users even have a summer and winter style, and why not? If you have a device that allows for separate components to be replaced then you really do have the ability, handed on a plate, to make it look just the way you want it to.

Tanks can be made to look like they belong in a different universe, or even a different age, with the various amounts of stainless steel and chrome designs available, such as solid, sharp builds and Gothic designs with em-blazed emblems. Even the o-rings of a tank can be changed, in the majority of cases, to have a colour and style that suits your personal choice and style. The battery units are available in a rainbow of colours and sometimes have the ability to add a new style of grip to them, or alter the entire size of the unit into a compact design (where battery options are made available). Stickers are widely used, letting the unit have a touch that no other vaper would think of.

Drip tips are of no exception to this range of personalisation. A wealth of different designs are available, and this Rook Drip Tip brings a whole new level of style and sophistication to your tank, with its forceful chess playing attribute. The drip tip is built from a chrome style design that really stands out, and makes your tank look as powerful as the playing hand a rook holds.


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