Snake Head Drip Tip

Snake Head Drip Tip

Personalisation of our everyday technology has become a common part our lives. Be it a case for a mobile phone or a sticker for the car window, or maybe even a personalised number plate, we tend to go out of our way to give the devices we treasure the most their own look and character.



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A Beautiful Chrome Drip Tip

With the world of electronic cigarettes, the same applies – we do after all, use our favourite tanks and battery units all the time, and take them everywhere with us, so why not give them that bit of character? It is nothing new with electronic cigarettes. When the first mini units hit the market, resembling the traditional analogue cigarette, they came with a tank that resembled a nub, and a battery that resembled the filter element of a real cigarette. The end of the battery featured a red LED light to give the illusion that there was tobacco burning. Eventually, the manufactures starting offering different LED colours, and the first steps of personalisation in electronic cigarettes became more evident, everywhere one went.

These days, the options made available to a vaper are nothing short of massive. Everything from the tanks to the batteries can be fully customised in countless ways. Everything from stickers for the battery to multi-coloured o-rings for the tanks can be applied to give our vaping devices a look that suits us.

With the Snake Head Drip Tip, that personalisation has hit a whole new standard. It is built from a stunning chrome metal, and looks magnificent. It feels cool on the lips, and will really make your tank stand out a mile above other drip tip options.


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