Everything Else For Your E Cigarette

Nearly every type of electronic cigarette can be upgraded to give it more character and more strength. We have a large range of equipment that will compliment your device in a number of ways, from eGo Adapters to protective and stylish sleeve casings.

Replacement Glass And More

Unfortunately, no matter how well we take care of our treasured tanks, accidents still happen. The vast majority of tanks consist of a Pyrex glass chamber. This glass has been specially formulated to help aid heat dissipation within the confines of the tank, and is able to deal with strong acidic juices and the spicier flavours. It is durable, but still prone to the most excessive of knocks. When damage occurs to the glass chamber, the vape can be severely affected. Serious breaks allow the liquid to spill, and we cannot stress enough how dangerous it is to apply tape to the wound – air still finds its way out of the chamber, therefore causing disruption to the heat resistant properties of the tank, which, in turn, can damage the coil, or worse, the entire tank itself.

We sell a selection of replacement glass sleeves to ensure that your tank is always ready to use, should the very worse happen. Replacement sleeves are easily slotted into place, repairing your tank in just a couple of seconds.

Hollowed Sleeves

For the ultimate in protection, a hollowed sleeve will ensure that your glass chamber is fully protected by a layer of stainless steel. These cases are available in a variety of different designs, and are constructed in such a way to really make your tank look the business. Gothic and exquisite designs are the most popular, and they are built to give your tank a sense of character while protecting the chamber at all times. Our range of Hollowed Sleeves are built to fit some of the most popular of tank systems.

Silicone Covers

Our range of silicone covers help protect your device in a number of ways. They are constructed from a anti-slip material with scratch resistant properties. They help protect your favourite device from the elements and are built in such a way that allows the vaper to access the menu buttons with ease, and continue to see the settings on their OLED display. They all incorporate a shock resistant material, allowing your device to be used out and about, without the worry of everyday collisions.

Ego 510 Adapters

Although most kits come complete with an Ego adapter, they get easily lost. Our Ego adapters allow your mod to work with an enormous range of different tank units, with brilliant conductivity results. Most vapers started of with an Ego unit, and they know – only too well – how excellent the results can be. By having an Ego 510 converter, you can easily transform your mod to handle the tanks you knew so well, and always have a back-up tank with the power of your new mod at hand. Remember, however, that higher end mods have greater power settings when dealing with the attached tank, and your Ego converter may need a higher or lower ohm level setting applied to the coil to work properly. All of our coils at eCigarette.co.uk have their recommended wattage and temperature ranges listed, and these should always be applied when connecting a conversion appliance to your mod. For example, your tank may come with a 1.8 ohm coil, for recommended use, but a high end mod, with a 510 Ego converter, may require the tank to utilise a 0.8 ohm coil. If in doubt, ask us.

Organic Cotton

It's impossible to stress just how important Japanese Organic Cotton is within any rebuildable deck. The flavours that this material are capable of absorbing and the amount of vapour it can produce go, pretty much, unmatched, and any professional vaper swears by their usage. In an RDA, organic cotton can be fixed and repositioned in a variety of different ways to produce stunning results. Its organic quality makes every vape as pure as can be – tobacco fanatics will love what this absorbent is capable of, as will fruit flavoured connoisseurs who like their flavours to taste as natural as possible.


Even with standard tanks, the O-rings are prone to wear and tear, especially with consistent unscrewing refilling, and sealing. The more advanced vaper has to consider the fact that an RTA may be working at extreme temperature levels and therefore putting heat stress on the O-rings. And, to any vaper, an O-ring can add that little extra bit of style to a device, especially where the tank allows for a clear view of its internal workings. At eCigarette.co.uk we sell a range of O-rings to fit a number of tanks, allowing you to easily replace worn rings and add a degree of personalised sophistication to your device with our range of colours.


At eCigarette.co.uk we stock a range of replacement decks for both RDA and RDTA users. Our replacement decks are built by iJoy and guarantee to ensure that the rebuilder is given the best possible experience in working with their layout and post system. Our replacement decks satisfy all of the recommended safety measures and are built from durable materials that will make your rebuilding process and vaping experience both reliable and comforting.

Box Mods

Our range of box mods can help change the way you go about the rebuilding process. They are made to incorporate only the most useful of features, with ohm meters and coil burning decks. They can be used as a regulated mod and to apply power to automatic coil jigs. Our box mods are often powered by 18650 batteries, and can be charged, with ease, via Micro USB – eliminating the need to power your batteries via separate charging decks. Power modes within our box mods also support the wide variety of coil resistances, from Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel.

Other Miscellaneous Kit

Your electronic cigarette is a versatile piece of equipment that can be upgraded and repaired in a multiple of different ways. At eCigarette.co.uk, we guarantee to have the parts that will suit your device, whether you are looking for a stylish upgrade or a replacement part. Our range covers both the standard vaper's upgrading needs, to the enthusiastic vaper's high-end testing kits.