Innokin Ucan2 Kit

Innokin Ucan2 Kit

The Ucan2 has been designed in such a way that it can be taken with you absolutely anywhere. In your pocket, around your neck, or just carrying by hand, the cannister is versatile in many ways, and the locking of air ensures that the juice will never leak from the container. The Ucan2 Kit looks the part, is very durable and does everything it possibly can to keep your juice in the best possible condition.


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An Ingenious Way To Carry Your E liquid

Innokin are one of the finest manufacturers of ultra-reliable electronic cigarette equipment. They expertly craft everything one could imagine, from world class battery units, flavour enhancing coils, splendid tanks with the best airflow available, and even all in one kits for beginners and enthusiasts alike. But, just when we thought they had completely corned the market, Innokin come along with the Ucan2 Kit – giving the vapour the means to carry their favourite juice with them, wherever they go.

The Ucan2 Kit is a stunning little carrying cannister, built from a blinding stainless steel. It is capable of carrying a whopping 10ml of your favourite e-liquid juice, completely ensuring you have enough juice with you at all times, and enough to cover several days if you are going away. The Ucan2 is fitted with a spring needle, compatible with genesis style atomisers, which allows for very accurate transfers of liquid to the device, without any messy refills. The stainless steel construction keeps the liquid cool, making certain that the juice keeps its unique flavour intact.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Okay, so it’s not a must-have, but this is by far the most stylish way to carry your juices about with you. The injection top also makes it very easy to refill a tank.

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