Aspire Cleito 120 4ml Replacement Glass

Aspire Cleito 120 4ml Replacement Glass

Accidents happen. With an electronic cigarette, or the tank in particular, takes a fall, all manner of damages can occur. And, although most devices are built from durable materials and made to absorb the majority of impacts, sometimes the bump can be just a fraction too hard and all hell breaks loose.


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A 4ml Glass Replacement For The Cleito 120

With a broken glass chamber, the e-cig will fail to perform correctly. Even minor damage, such as a hairline fracture, can cause issues with the heating elements. And, with larger damages, attempting to DIY fix the tank with tape or other materials can be problematic and dangerous. When the tank is split, the coil is unable to determine the correct internal heat, and can then be damaged by increasing the temperature to suit the spoilt environment. This can render the coil out of action, or worse, cause damages to the battery or even the vaper.

Fortunately, you no longer need to replace the entire tank. Your Aspire Cleito 120 can be up and running in no time with a replacement glass, sold at a fraction of the cost of the unit itself. Fitting the replacement glass is a doddle – you carefully remove the damaged glass, ensuring that all liquid has been drained, and screw the new glass into place on the base section of the Cleito.

Never be without a replacement glass. You just never can be too sure when that fatal accident will occur. Future-proofing your Cleito 120 with a 4ml replacement glass is always a wise move.

2 reviews for Aspire Cleito 120 4ml Replacement Glass
  1. 5 out of 5

    2ml just enough juice with the coils of today. You need a bigger tank and this 4ml really does the job.

  2. 5 out of 5

    When this arrives, you’ll be thinking it cannot possibly hold 4ml, until you realise that you’re vaping all day long without any refilling!!! Arrived very promptly. Thanks.

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