Aspire Nautilus Mini Glass Sleeve

Aspire Nautilus Mini Glass Sleeve

You just never can be sure when an accident is going to happen. Most of us have dropped a mobile phone at some stage or another, only to find the screen has split.


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Replacement Glass For The Nautilus Mini

The cost of repair can be really hurtful on the wallet or purse, and sometimes so expensive that it makes more sense to just purchase a new phone. We then do our best to protect the device, with covers and cases, but nothing is completely foolproof. The same applies to our beloved electronic cigarette equipment – although built from the most durable of materials, sometimes they can take one whack too many and are rendered completely useless. A broken glass sleeve is fateful to a tank – just the slightest crack can, at worse, make your liquid spill everywhere, or, at the so-called best, totally disrupt the internal temperature regulations, thus making your flavours taste completely different.

Aspire have always put their customers first, and know that accidents do, occasionally, happen. They have, therefore, made replacement glass sleeves available as a cost effective way of getting your broken tank back up and running in no time at all.

The Aspire Nautilus Mini 2ml Glass Sleeve is incredibly easy to fit. You simply unscrew the base of your tank (the part that houses your coil), and you can then slowly remove the broken glass sleeve from the upper hardware. The new glass can then be fitted to the upper hardware and the base screwed back into place. You are then up and running again.


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