Aspire Nautilus X Replacement Glass

Aspire Nautilus X Replacement Glass

Your Aspire Nautilus X Tank is ranked among the finest of electronic cigarette tanks on the market. Its excellent cloud formations and flavour extractions are hard to beat, and, as you will know, it can handle all types of firing conditions with a pinch of salt.


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New Glass Sleeve For The Nautilus X

Its hard to accept that the tank actually has any weaknesses – they certainly aren’t noticeable. But, of course, glass is always vulnerable to the everyday mishaps of life, and if the glass takes too strong an impact then your beloved Nautilus X will be out of action. When glass breaks, liquid can spill, and even the smallest of fractures can send the internals of the tank into disarray – heat dissipation will not work as it should and further damage to components is highly likely.

Aspire have produced the Nautilus X replacement Glass for precisely this reason. There is no longer any need to replace an entire tank – you only need to replace the glass. This generous offering from Aspire makes for a very cost effective way of getting your beloved tank back up and running again, and fitting the glass is extremely easy – simply remove the base and upper hardware from the old glass and screw the new piece in to place.

Always be prepared for the worse and have a spare Nautilus X Replacement Glass at hand. In life, you just never know when that accident could occur and the glass takes a fateful blow. With a spare replacement glass you will be back to vaping those fine flavours in no time.

2 reviews for Aspire Nautilus X Replacement Glass
  1. 5 out of 5

    It’s cool how you only have to buy the glass. I smashed mine on a night out and had to settle for a cheap cig-alike that tasted horrible. Glad to have my Nautilus back up and running!!!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Awesome delivery speeds!!! Thanks!!!

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