Innokin iSub G Replacement Glass – Five Pack

Innokin iSub G Replacement Glass – Five Pack

Your Innokin iSub G tank is a unit that promises to bring the very best of electronic cigarette satisfaction to you. It works tirelessly in producing the finest of flavour formations and cloud production, constantly forcing itself to keep the coil and all of the internals under temperature regulation.


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Glass Sleeves For The iSub G

The coil system knows how to perform exactly what you ask from it, no matter what your temperature settings may be, and the entire tank flawlessly delivers the most excellent of vaping results on every single fire of the button. Every component of the tank works in conjunction with one another to maintain this extremely high standard of vaping, and sometimes we can overlook just how precious this combination of efforts really is to us.

It is for this reason, that Innokin have produced a pack of G Replacement Glass pieces for your beloved tank. As we all know, accidents do happen, and although the unit and its glass are durable and reliable, sometimes one bump too many can prove fatal. The replacement glass is built from a solid Pyrex material that aids in keeping the internal heat under control, taking that extra bit of pressure off the coil systems workload. The Pyrex is also known to work well with the more potent of e-liquid juices, such as high acidic and spicy flavours.

The damaged glass from your iSub G is easily removed from the unit, and a new piece can be slotted in to place in just a few ticks. With a five pack of G Replacement Glass, you will always have a back up, should that fatal accident happen in the future.

1 review for Innokin iSub G Replacement Glass – Five Pack
  1. 5 out of 5

    I’m happy to find that I only had to replace the glass chamber on my broken iSub. Thought I’d have to purchase a whole new tank. Arrived the next day, which is beyond excellent, as I was going out of my mind. Great service and customer support from the site. Thank you.

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