Innokin iSub V Replacement Glass – Five Pack

Innokin iSub V Replacement Glass – Five Pack

The glass unit that comes with your brilliant Innokin iSub V Tank is built from a durable material that can withstand many a bump and bang. But, just as with nearly everything else we have in our possession, sometimes a collision can be just a little too heavy, and things get broken.


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iSub V Glass Sleeve

When the glass chamber of an electronic cigarette tank becomes fractured, in any way whatsoever, it can render the entire tank unusable. Attempting to fix breaks with sticky tape or similar materials is an ill advised practise – once a seal has become broken, the chamber fails to maintain the correct amount of internal heat, which can lead to a multitude of other problems, including serious damage to the coil and the conductivity elements.

Innokin are only too aware of how important your favourite tank is to you, and that you intend to take the very best care of it. For this reason, they have provided their customers with a pack of replacement glass – guaranteeing that, should the worse occur, you will always have a back up piece of glass to fit into place. This makes for an extremely cost effective method of repairing any damage to your beloved tank.

The glass is built from a specially formulated Pyrex, that adds that extra bit of durability over standard glass, and aids in keeping internal temperatures under close control. With this five pack of Innokin iSub V Replacement Glass, you can rest comfortably knowing that your favourite tank can easily be repaired.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    I can’t begin to explain how panicked I was when the V got smashed. Needed this as an emergency, and you got it shipped rapidly. Will be using your site from now on.

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