TFV8 Big Baby Replacement Glass – Ten Pack

TFV8 Big Baby Replacement Glass – Ten Pack

Smok have made sure that, for several years, their tank units are future-proofed against any potential damage with the ability to easily replace the glass screens, should any major accident occur. This makes for a very cost effective method, in that only the screens ever need to be replaced and not the entire tank.


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Your TVF8 Big Baby is a tank that boasts superior build qualities, with its solid stainless steel construction and dominate bulk. But, as with all tank units, the glass is always prone to suffering one accident too many and taking a blow too hard. When the glass breaks, all manner of things can go horribly wrong – the juice may, of course, leak, and internal ventilation of the chamber will be drastically effected. All in all, when the glass to a tank unit breaks, the device is very much out of commission.

With this massive bulk buy of ten – yes, ten – replacement glass screens, you can be absolutely certain that your beloved TFV8 Big baby will always have back-up protection against any accident it may fall victim to in the future. The glass screens hold the same 5ml of juice that you would expect them to, and are built of the same, durable, Pyrex glass – a special, protective glass that helps aid heat dissipation within the unit, keeping those firing temperatures as cool as it possibly can. Fitting a new glass screen to your tank is a quick and painless task that will only take a couple of seconds.


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