A Great Selection Of E Cigarette Tools

We stock some of the best tools on the market, to make your rebuilding process as straightforward as is humanly possible, with flexible and durable devices from some of the worlds most acclaimed manufacturers, including Youde, GeekVape, iJoy and Vaporesso.

We fully appreciate how serious a hobby rebuilding can be, and that it has many technical aspects that can sound daunting to a beginner. Our tool kits come complete with all a beginner could need in getting started with rebuilding, and – whenever in doubt – we are always happy to help to see you safely through the entire process.

A Tool For Every Possible Occasion

While it's impossible to list our extensive range of convenient tools in a few strokes of a pen, we can champion some of the most beneficial items that will aid you in your rebuilding process – tools that can, quite literally, change the way you go about the whole process. Most of us have similar tools in our possession, in any toolbox stored under the stairs, or elsewhere, but with specialist kit built with vaping in mind, you'll be stunned at the difference they can make.


Purpose-built pliers allow the rebuildable enthusiast to make precision wire cuts as close to the deck posts as possible. Our range of pliers are built from extremely durable materials that will last any rebuildable vaper a lifetime, no matter how many wire incisions they make. They all come fitted with a rubber handle with strong gripping areas for any sized hand, allowing for those delicate moves within the deck to be performed to perfection. Rubber casing on the handles helps the rebuildable user to work in environments without fear of electrical discharge running through the pliers and some of our pliers are even ceramic tipped. Many of our pliers also have a grip that incorporates a separate area to hold an RBA base comfortably, to work on and within the deck with ease.


Working with rebuildable decks can be a fiddly business, as any hardened vaping enthusiast will tell you. While it can be fun, and the rewards eagerly awaited, any extra help in completing the task as painlessly as possible is much welcomed.

When working with normal tweezers, the operation has to be continually paused or aborted, as standard tweezers are built of metal and, therefore, conduct electricity.

At, we stock tweezers that have been built with elctronic cigarette use and rebuilding at the forefront of their design. Our tweezers are built with ceramic tips, that allows the rebuilder to work with live coils without pausing the test procedure – electricity can continue to flow. Most of our tweezers are also multi-functional and can help aid the rebuild process in many other ways. Examples include a build in spanner, which can also be used during testing phases.

Cotton Hooks

Sometimes, it's the little things in life that can make all the difference. Our cotton hooks are an example of this fact. Working with cotton, or any other absorbent material inside of a wick can be tricky, as the space to play with is limited. A cotton hook allows for precise placement and alteration of how your wick is situated. Most cotton hooks, including the products from Youde, serve a dual purpose – one end is often rounded off, allowing for the cotton to be slowly nudged in to place.


Most newcomers to rebuildable atomisers have sampled the unbelievable flavour achievements from somebody else’s RDA or RTA and have been eager to try this new hobby. The best place to start is always with a quality kit from a reliable manufacturer. Our kits have all a newcomer could hope for in getting a quic-start to rebuilding and we also sell kits that will impress the seasoned enthusiast, with included ohm meter readers and enormous amounts of built-in safety features.

Other Tools

At, we stock every tool imaginable to aid you in your pursuit of the perfect taste and cloud with your rebuildable atomisers. We aim to make the process as enjoyable as possible, with amazing results. We stock plastic droppers for precision and mess free RDA use, coil jigs and mod boxes, to name but a few, with beginner and advanced use in mind.

The Best Brands, With The Best Tools, For The Best Results

All enthusiastic vapers that work with rebuildable technology know just how important the right tools are for the job at hand. At, we understand this importance just as much as you do, and we've been there and done that – worn the t-shirt, you name it! Rebuilding atomisers and working with rebuilable decks is made so much easier with top of the range equipment, and we stock some of the finest, from accomplished craftsmen that have a reputation within the industry to be reckoned with.


If any manufacture can boast to have cornered the market in terms of rebuildable equipment, Youde can proudly hold that title. They are one of the industry leaders in the development of every aspect of vaping technology, from brilliant starter kits to high-end mods, and their tools meet a standard that is unmatched in many a rebuildable enthusiasts opinion.


GeekVape's range of tools and tool kits are recommended, many times, to the newcomer in rebuildable decks and atomisers. They come complete with everything required to get started on any post style system without a moments delay. They also cater for the more advanced rebuilder, with technology that monitors the entire process, from beginning to flavoursome end.


iJoy is one of, if not the largest manufactures of e-cigarette equipment in the world. They hand craft every last component behind our favourite devices, and are the parent company behind some of our best known labels, including Exo, Limitless, RDTA and RDTABox. When it comes to working with rebuildable decks, a vaper cannot go wrong with the technology produced by iJoy – it really is of a master-class standard.


Anybody who works with rebuildable atomisers will be familiar with the high-end equipment Vaporesso produce. They promise to keep safety at the forefront of their designs, while maintaining style, ease of use, and durability.