Youde Ceramic Tweezers

Youde Ceramic Tweezers

If you are seeking the best in rebuildable electronic cigarette equipment, look no further than the range offered by Youde. They cater for every last need in your rebuilable process, making sure that every last fine tune of your wires, your coil and your cotton is perfectly fitted and firing at full potential. They are only too aware of how important the rebuild process is to you, and with every product they attempt to make the process as simple as possible.


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Insulated Coil Tweezers

This Ceramic Tweezer by Youde helps aid the rebuildable process no end. Built from a solid and durable stainless steel construction, the tweezers are ceramic tipped, meaning that there is a zero degree of conductivity when working within your coils. The tweezers allow you to continue working with your coils, even whilst testing. You can easily fire your coils during a testing phase and pinch them together via the ceramic tips of the tweezers to get better consistency and a more evenly heated overall coil system. This is something that can not be accomplished with traditional tweezers – and is dangerous to do so – as the conductivity of standard metal can cause very negative results.

Youde are proud of the products they produce for the electronic cigarette industry, and they know that you will be pleased with this product. If rebuilding atomisers is the path in which you have decided to take, then you will be amazed at what benefits are offered with the ceramic tips of these tweezers. The building process time is reduced significantly with the options made possible with this product.


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