Youde Coil Jig V1

Youde Coil Jig V1

The Youde Coil Jig V1 is an incredible all-in-one piece of kit, nicely housed inside its own stunning flip case, and is designed for portability. The contents are built from food-grade SS 304 materials. Included are 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm and 4.0mm coil heads.


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One Of The Best Coil Building Tools

Rebuilding your own coils can give the user the very best in flavour extraction and allows you to fine tune your vape in a way no other method can. Everything that can possibly be achieved with an electronic cigarette is made possible via building your own coils. The process has millions of advantages – you will get the very best of flavours, and your coils will normally last for much longer periods of time. Your vapour extractions will be as you require them to be, making the vape truly your own. Combine all of these factors with the user adjustable controls of your tank, and the options are, literally, endless.

Please remember, that with all rebuildable coil designs, only the most experienced of users should undertake the process. Every built coil should be extensively tested, via a ohm testing kit, to make sure that the coil is firing as expected. If this process is not followed, you could cause damage to your coil or your device. If you are in any doubt about the rebuildable process, then you should either avoid the tasks or seek the advise from a professional in the electronic cigarette industry. Rebuilding is a fun hobby, but also one that requires great care and attention.


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