Youde Coil Jig V3

Youde Coil Jig V3

Youde have always worked intensely in making the technology that you require the most when working with a rebuildable device.


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The Next Generation Coil Jig

Youde know the trend inside out, as they have been manufacturing electronic cigarette equipment from both ends of the spectrum for many years – be it tanks, high-end, high-powered battery units or the finest in coils. Their knowledge in the field is exceptional, and they have been highly praised throughout the vaping community. It is this excessive knowledge that has been extended to the rebuildable process. They know that if a vaper wishes to expand upon a device, and make a unit that is truly their own, then they need to have the correct tools to work with. Youde have done just this.

With building your own atomisers, you know that you are achieving something that can not normally be done with standard coils. Your settings, from the ohm you are firing from, right down to the soaking agent you decide to use, are all personal factors that help make the vape your own. Those that have experience with rebuilding their own atomisers will boast – quite rightly – that the flavour extractions and cloud formations they can generate are the very best possible.

The Youde Coil Jig V3 Kit comes with all of the essential coil kit you could ask for, and is neatly packaged in an attractive little case with a high quality carry handle to take the gear with you when out and about. Included in the package is a 1.5mm coil, a 2.0mm coil, a 2.5mm coil, a 3.0mm coil, a 3.5mm coil and a 4.0mm coil. The kit is very neatly presented and will impress many an enthusiast.


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