Youde Cotton Hook

Youde Cotton Hook

Rebuilding your own coils can be a tricky process at times, without the correct equipment. With Youde's range of electronic cigarette tools, however, you can be sure that you'll be working with the very best of equipment, with precision at the forefront, letting you get to work in the smallest of areas.


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A Tool To Get Your Cotton Through A Coil

Youde’s technology is built from the finest of materials, and every item they produce is built to last from durable and sturdy sources. They continue to develop their tools based on what input they receive from their customers, and this approach always guarantees that you are purchasing something that has been heavily means tested.

This Cotton Hook by Youde helps the vaper in his or her rebuildable process in marvellous ways. It consists of a sharp, curved hook on one end, and a flat, stubby tip on the other. In this design, the tool has a dual purpose. The sharp hook allows for the user to finely position the cotton into the coil alignment – a job that normally takes quite some reconfiguring. The blunt end allows for the user to wrap their coils in a quick and easy way. The midsection is knurled for an easy grip. With this cotton hook you will be asking yourself how many hours you must have wasted before you purchased one! It provides the true helping hand in atomiser rebuilding.

Youde guarantee that you will be pleased with their products, and customer satisfaction shows that they are right, with positive results all across the board.


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