Youde CVS Cutter Pliers

Youde CVS Cutter Pliers

As always, Youde have gone out of their way to provide the vaper with the very best tools of the trade in rebuildable atomiser technology. They know that the rebuildable process is all about precision, and that there is no room, whatsoever, for errors, and their technology helps assist you in making sure that everything is positioned just perfectly. With this brand assisting your rebuildable process, everything will seem so much easier and you'll enjoy the whole experience.


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Coil and Wire Cutting Pliers

This pair of Youde CVS Cutter Pliers will come in incredibly handy for anybody wanting to venture in to the rebuildable world of atomisers, or come as a great improvement over a pair of standard pliers for the seasoned professional. They are built from a solid and stunning chrome vanadium steel, with a strong – easy grip – rubber handle. The pliers have excellent cutting potential, easily cutting their way through the varying types of wire you may find yourself using, and the handle features a special gripping area to support your RDA in-between the grasp. You will find this pair of CVS Cutter Pliers an essential part of your electronic cigarette kit.

Only experienced users should undertake the rebuilding process. Rebuilding atomisers is a craft that requires due care and attention at all times. All atomisers should be tested using the correct equipment before firing in a device. Failure to test the devices properly can result in damage to the coil, the atomiser, yourself and your property. If in any doubt, ask for assistance from a professional in the electronic cigarette industry.


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