Youde Tool Kit

Youde Tool Kit

Building your own electronic cigarette kit is a fine art that brings out only the very best of flavours and cloud formations from your favourite e-liquid juice. In building your own coils you know exactly how the coil and its internals are going to behave, and how, ultimately, they are going to react with your juice. No matter what the PG / VG ratio may be, in building your own, the extractions can be fine tuned in a way that is, quite simply, incomparable. The flavours are unique only to yourself.


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All The Equipment You Need To Build Coils

This tool kit comes with all of the essential items you could hope for in a kit from a manufacturer that knows everything there is to know about the rebuilding process. Each item has been excellently built to the highest of specifications.

Included in this kit is a pair of SS tweezers, a pair of SS scissors, an SS screwdriver, and a polishing cloth to finish off that fine build. All of the items feel sturdy and durable, and they intend to make the rebuilding process as comfortable as possible.

Please be aware that building your own atomisers is a craft that requires great knowledge of all the components. Only experienced users should undertake this craft, as a failure to follow the rules to a tee can result in damages to the coil, the tank, the entire unit or even yourself and your property. If you have any doubt about the rebuilding process then you should never undertake the task and seek the assistance of an experienced professional.


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