Wick and Wire

Wire & Wicking Material For Re-Buildables

Working with RTA’s and RDA’s in your temperature control or mechanical mod is a way in which the end result of your favourite juice can be tailored in a way that only you can specify, and is a way in which the end vape is targeted specifically in regard to the way in which you have built your coils. By using the correct wires and the correct wick, you can produce a vape that no other pre-built atomiser can possibly match, no matter how high-spec the mod may be.

Our Quality Wires And Wicks For The Rebuildable

Rebuilding your own atomisers is an art that requires an enormous amount of due care and attention. It is an art that also requires the finest of materials to ensure that your connection and electrical conductivity is performing in a precise form, every time. Every enthusiastic rebuilder knows that in order to get the very finest of vaping results from their coils, they need the ability to utilise the finest of wires. Here at eCigarette.co.uk, we provide the advanced vaper with only the best of wires to guarantee that their electrical connection is performing flawlessly on every test fire, and final fire of the button.

And, both you and us, know that a wire can only deliver the best of flavour and vapour with the most high-end of wick materials. Our rebuildable decks are built of all manner of shapes and styles to make your rebuilding process as simple as possible, and they are built to handle an extensive range of wicks. At the end of the day, the choice of wicking material is, of course, down to personal preference, but we are here to help advise what material may best suit you and your particular type of e-liquid – and, sometimes, VG/PG variants may heavily influence the type of wick needed to best deliver the cloud and flavour you desire.

Wire Variants

There are several different types of wire that can be used when rebuilding your atomisers. They all behave in their own unique way, affecting the overall result of the vape. It is often down to personal preference when selecting a wire that behaves correctly with your build and your juice, and experimentation, at first, is always the key to success. Here we list the most popular type of wires available at eCigarette.co.uk


Kanthal wire is, by large, the most popular of all the wire types, and is used in the majority of builds. It is generally the recommended starting point for somebody venturing in to the rebuildable hobby, as its results are easily measured and can be easily altered in scale.

Kanthal wire comes in varying thickness and can be manipulated in many ways. The thickness of the wire is measured via a standard ratio called the American Wire Gauge (AWG). Generally speaking, the finer the wire is measured via the AWG scale, the greater its resistance will be, and twisting the wire can reduce the resistance by a half. Depending on the wires thickness and how it has been deployed, a Kanthal wire can be heated up to 1400 Celsius. Kanthal wire is universal and can be used on an enormous range of different rebuildable atomisers. The type of wick you use within your coil build can also have further effects on the overall ohm and end vape experience.


Nickel wire acts and behaves in much the same way as Kanthal wire, and became extremely popular when the first temperature control mods became mainstream within the market. It produces results that can be slightly different than that of other wires, and for this reason it has become popular for some enthusiastic vapers. However, nickel may produce some negative effects when being heated. Although not fully understood, at this time, the general advice is that if you have any negative reaction when using nickel wire then you should abort the vape immediately. There have been numerous online studies into the use of nickel wire, and the conclusion tends to result in the fact that nickel wire is still many multiple times better for you than smoking.

Stainless Steel

Stainlesss Steel wire comes in many different variants and is also one of the more popular of wires to be used in rebuildable atomisers. Stainless Steel is a heating element that works excellently with temperature control mods, and, therefore, any mechanical mod. Because the types of stainless steel wire vary so extensively, the end results of the vape can also vary to the same degree. It is a great wire to experiment with, honing in on that sweet spot in the vape. Our range of stainless steel wires come in many shapes and sizes that will suit your build to a tee.

Wick Variants

Just as wires comes in many different types of elements and sizes, wicks can be as varied. The type of wick you decide to use in a rebuildable atomiser has great influence over the flavour and the speed at which juice is absorbed. Just like everything else in the world of vaping, however, the wick that suits your build the best is a matter of personal preference and – again – experimentation is key.


Silica is known to work especially well with Kanthal wire, but can still produce great results with other builds. It is often shaped in such a way that it has greater influence over the vape. For example, many vapers make a single turn on the silica, forming an U-shape, while others twist it into S-shaped designs. Its flexibility in this regard make it an ideal choice in wick materials.


Ekowool works in much the same way as Silica does, in that it can be twisted and reshaped into many different patterns and formations, greatly affecting the end vape. Most enthusiastic vapers argue, however, that Ekowool is more durable than silica and doesn’t fray in the same way under temperature. Ekowool is also larger in scale than silica, and so, when rebuilding, a vaper generally scales down the amount of Ekowool they intend to incorporate into their build


Cotton is by far the most common of wick absorbent material, as it has proven itself to be a winner in all of the pre-built atomisers. It is also incredibly easy to work with and produces “pure” results, which makes it excellent for tobacco flavours and fine fruits. The 100% Organic Cotton form of cotton wick is considered to be the finest, and at eCigarette.co.uk we sell the best form of cotton wicks from the best manufacturers. Cotton wicks are great for newcomers to the rebuilding art, due to their brilliant flexibility.