Youde Koh Gen Do Cotton

Youde Koh Gen Do Cotton

Rebuilding your own coils opens up a whole new arena in the world of electronic cigarettes. Everything can be fined tune right the way down to the very last detail.


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Organic Japanese Cotton

In building your own coils you are given the absolute maximum amount of control over your vaping experience. By using this method, you are given the ability to hone in to the very parts of your e-liquid juice that you need to target the most – no standard coil is capable of having such flexibility. You can, therefore, find the exact amounts of flavour extraction required and combine this with one hundred percent control over the vapour concentrations. All types of vaping sensations are made possible with the ability to build your own coils, from heavy, cloud chasing vapes, to mellow, all round, smooth sensations. The options are enormous, and there is no better way to personalise an electronic cigarette. The vape belongs entirely to you, in whatever way you may choose it to.

This five pack of Youde Koh Gen Do Cotton consists of the most immaculate Japanese Organic Cotton. This type of cotton is well known, universally across the vaping board, as being one of the finest absorbent agents available. It stops at nothing in soaking up only the finest of flavours from your favourite juice in a rapid space of time. It boasts the best of quality, and can hold an enormous amount of juice within its fibres. Cloud formation is also wonderful with Japanese Cotton, and, thanks to its organic properties, the vape is a truly natural one, whatever your PG / VG ratio may be.


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