Youde Wire Box

Youde Wire Box

Building your own atomisers is an art that makes for the most fine tuned of vapes possible. In building your own, you are setting your own standard in what can be made possible with electronic cigarettes, and you are making the vape so personal, simply no other pre-built atomiser can match it.


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A Great Selection Of Wire In A Sturdy Box

The flavour extraction that the coil is capable of mining from the juice is entirely down the way in which it has been constructed, and only you can decide upon which approach in doing so is the best one. Rebuilding atomisers is a technique that takes times, dedication and lots of effort to learn, and even then, the art continues to evolve as new and better methods are discovered. You know that a personal rebuilt coil simply does not exist in the market, and if your coil is the perfect coil, then it is a coil that you will attempt to build again, and again.

Anybody who has undertaken the rebuilding process will recall occasions when they have had trouble keeping the wire wrapped tightly around the spool. When due care is not taken, the wire often finds itself dislodged from the spool and it can take forever to get everything wrapped back in to place. With this box of Youde Wire, everything is tightly kept in place and you will have no more worries about loose wire. The box comes fully packed with six different types of wire, including nichrome wire, Ni200 wire, three separate types of Kanthal wire in varying types, and a stainless steel wire. Everything is also kept nice and cool in the unique style of packaged box.


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