Youde Wire Reel

Youde Wire Reel

Youde are one of the finest manufactures of electronic cigarette technology. They have been producing the very best of materials since the very beginning. With the vast options available with rebuildable technology, a vaper needs to be using the very best of materials, and Youde cater for this every possibility.


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Various Wire Gauges For Awesome Builds

In building your own coils, you know that you are creating a flavour that is unique enough to be considered your own. Whatever your preferred bottle of e-liquid juice, and whatever its PG / VG content ratio, you can be sure that, in building your own, you have one hundred percent control over the end vape. The flavours can be tuned via building your own coils in a way that is, quite simply, unmatched in pre-built coils. No matter what the technology, pre-built coils always fall short of what is possible in your own constructions. The same applies for vapour. Despite the brilliant coil builds available within the market, when you build your own coil the control over the cloud is paramount and perfect to your needs.

The Youde Wire Reel consists of a massive 15 foot of Kanthal wire. This wire makes for brilliant conductivity within your build process and can be tested, at all times, with sufficient ceramic tipped tweezers.

Rebuilding has never been made easier with Youde’s vast range of products, and every vaper can be certain that they are using the finest quality of equipment within their coils for the best of results.

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AWG (Gauge)

Titanium [26ga 30ft], Kanthal A1 [26ga 30ft], SS316L [28ga 30ft], SS316L [26ga 30ft], SS316L [24ga 30ft], Nickel Ni200 Wire [28ga], Nickel Ni200 Wire [26ga], Kanthal A1 [Twisted Clapton Wire 15ft], Kanthal A1 [Triple Twisted 30ga], Kanthal A1 [Quad Twisted 30ft], Kanthal A1 [Flat Ribbon 30ft], Kanthal A1 [Double Twisted 30ft], Kanthal A1 [Clapton 15ft], Kanthal A1 [32ga 30ft], Kanthal A1 [30ga 30ft], Kanthal A1 [28ga 15ft], Kanthal A1 [24ga 15ft], Kanthal A1 [22ga 15ft], Kanthal A1 [20ga 15ft]


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