travel with e-cigs

Traveling With Your E-Cigarette

Whether by train, plane, boat, car, bus or just on a walk, we all wish to take our favourite device and our favourite flavours with us. Our destination is often a place in which we know we can vape – be it a rule-sensible pub or just a friend’s house. However, getting from A to B isn’t always as straight forward as it sounds when it comes to vaping on our travels. This piece helps explain where and when you [...]

guide to vaping

The Beginners Guide To Vaping

We made this guide to vaping as we wanted to cover the most asked questions from new vapers. The odds are, you’ve heard the term “vaping”, and the odds are even greater that you’ve heard of electronic cigarettes and seen them in use. Perhaps you’re a smoker who is eager to know all about this healthier new trend, or perhaps you have no interest in smoking whatsoever and are just curious as to what it all means – or, [...]


From Controversy To Conflicts – The Future Of Vaping

Vaping has come on a long way since it became popular, around the year 2008. Devices have been upgraded considerably, and the options for the vaper are now vast. To a vaper who has been enjoying their favourite juices for a period of time, the changes that have come about are fascinating. And, to the current vaper, enjoying that juice is the norm, in much the same way smoking is. However, no matter how much we may try and dig [...]