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Sometimes known as atomiser heads, e cigarette coils are the crucial links between battery and e liquid. It’s essentially the heating element of the e cigarette, which vaporises your juice and creates those delicate, delicious clouds.

Whether you buy them pre-built, as part of an atomiser or clearomizer, or make your own to your individual specifications, coils are one of the most technical aspects of vaping, and the one that requires the most knowhow and understanding of electricity, especially if you’re going sub ohm.

Here at we want you to be in total control of your vaping choices, so it’s our job to make you aware both of the safety aspects of e cigarette coils and the latest new trends and products on the market, so you can make the most informed decisions for your personal style of vaping.

What are e cig coils?

Each atomiser contains a wick, which soaks up the e liquid in the tank. The coil is a small twist of wire that connects to the battery, and wraps around the wick. When your device is operated, the battery heats up the wire, which in turn vaporises the juice in the wick.

You can get single and dual atomiser heads. Singles just have the one wire coil, whilst dual e cigarette atomisers have two, essentially doubling the amount of e liquid that is vaporised (and therefore producing twice as much vapour). However, they also consume twice as much e liquid.

E cigarette coils either attach to tanks at the top or bottom. Top atomisers require the reservoir of e liquid to be sufficiently full to keep the wick saturated. Bottom atomisers tend to be preferable as they will continue to soak up e liquid right until the last drop, meaning refilling is required less frequently.

What are coils made from?

They must be made of metal, in order to conduct electricity from the battery, which in turn heats the metal up. The most popular metal is nickel, or more specifically Ni-200, a grade of commercially pure nickel. It is highly resistant to corrosion and is extremely good at conducting electricity making it ideal for low-resistance heads such as those involved in sub ohm e cigarette devices.

Other materials include Kanthal, which is an iron/chrome/aluminium alloy. It is often found RDAs and RBAs for mechanical mods; stainless steel e cig coils, which use 316L, a low-carbon version of the metal which performs considerably better than Kanthal at high temperatures; and titanium, whose strength and tensile properties at all temperatures make it ideal for anyone using a temperature controlled, variable voltage or variable wattage e cigarette.

We stock a wide range of different materials, with a massive selection of pre-built coils from top brands such as Aspire, Eleaf and Innokin.

Resistance and Ohms

As mentioned above, an e cigarette coil’s ability to conduct electricity is a prime feature. This is because any material which offers resistance to the flow of electricity is not going to heat as efficiently, nor produce as much vapour when it comes into contact with e liquid. Therefore, the lower resistance of the metal, the better the vape cloud and flavour produced.

Resistance is measured in ohms (Ω). A standard e cigarette coil offers just 2-3 ohms of resistance, and produces 6-8 watts of power, the ideal level for a perfect vape. High resistance wires average at 4-5 ohms or higher, and are only to be considered with more powerful 6V batteries or mods. Low resistance coils are for those who prefer just 1 ohm (or less) of resistance. Dropping below 1 ohm is known as sub ohm vaping, and produces the most intense clouds and flavours; but is also riskier, as you run a greater chance of the battery and/or coil becoming damaged and dangerous to use. Sub ohm vaping should only be done with specific batteries designed for that purpose, and shouldn’t be undertaken by builders without a good knowledge and understanding of both Ohms Law and how to test resistance.

Our selection of sub ohm coils provide an array of choices for the discerning cloud chaser, with Kanger, Smok and Sense’s Herakles models all proving popular.

Building your own coil

If RDAs and RBAs interest you, then building your own e cigarette coils is going to be par for the course. If you’re new to the challenge, we’d suggest a starter kit, which provides all the equipment you need: an ohm reader, wire, wicks, pliers, tweezers, scissors and a deck on which to begin your building. Top products include the Geekvape 521 Master Kit and the smaller, more compact Youde Coil Mate Mini.

For those with a little more experience, buying the individual items as and when you need them is more cost-effective. E-Cigarette Technologies offers a full range of organic cotton, various wires, along with coil jigs (to help you get your twists just right) and all the equipment you might need.

Get your coils straight

Whatever your individual vaping preferences, there’s an e cigarette coil to suit. From single to dual atomisers, kanthal vs. nickel, kits and jigs to sub ohming, wicks and wires, has the coil for every occasion.

Buildable and pre-made e cigarette coils will either add to the challenge or lighten the load when it comes to personalising your vaping experience, and so long as you ensure that the one you use is compatible with the tank and battery, fit for purpose and correctly assembled, you’ll enjoy hours of vapour pleasure thanks to one little twist of metal. With top manufacturers like Vaporesso, Joyetech and Uwell offering ohms of possibilities in every material, the difficulty will be in deciding which product to go for.

Check out our full range of enticing e cigarette coils online or instore, for the ultimate in cloud creation and full-on flavour.