Aspire BDC Coils

Aspire BDC Coils

Aspire are renown for producing excellent coils for a range of devices, with their focus honed entirely on delivering a powerful, deep and satisfying vape. The lifespan of the BDC Coils is of great praise, sometimes lasting for two weeks or longer.


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Aspire to be the best

If you are unsure, or new to vaping, then it is generally recommended by Aspire to use the 1.6ohm Coils for standard devices that use non variable voltage batteries. For users of devices that incorporate variable voltage batteries, it is recommended that you use 1.8ohm for vapers that prefer a stronger throat hit, or 2.1ohm for a smoother, more mellow vape. It is entirely down to personal preference in the case of variable voltage units, and the Aspire BDC coils can very much guarantee to fulfil that preference.

Changing from an old coil to a new one simply involves upturning the clearomiser, unscrewing the base and the coil, and screwing the new one in to place and replacing the base. It is sometimes recommended to leave the coil a couple of minutes to allow the juice to blend, avoiding a burnt flavour.

The BDC Coils are sold in three variants: 1.6ohm, 1.8ohm, 2.1ohm and are suitable for the following range of devices:

Aspire ViVi Nova-S BDC Glass; Aspire ViVi Nova BDC; Aspire Mini ViVi Nova-S BDC Glass; Aspire Mini Vivi Nova BDC; Aspire ET / ET-S / ET-S Glass BDC; Aspire CE5 / CE5-S BDC; AnyVape Davide BDC; AnyVape Mini Davide BDC

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5 Pack [2.1 Ohms], 5 Pack [1.8 Ohms], 5 Pack [1.6 Ohms]

2 reviews for Aspire BDC Coils
  1. 5 out of 5

    Best coils I’ve used. Although they recommend 2.1 ohm for a smoother hit, I find that 1.8 ohm is just fine, as well. Always get good flavour and they last about three weeks.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Arrived the next day. Excellent service and great price.

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