Innokin Slipstream Coils – 5 Pack

Innokin Slipstream Coils – 5 Pack

Innokin's coil units for electronic cigarettes are ranked amongst the best in the world, partly due to the extensive way the cotton is packed into the bottom of the coil, in vast quantities, allowing for massive amounts of e-liquid juice to be soaked into the fibres in such a minute amount of time.


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Live Life In The Fast Lane: Slipstream Coils

The incorporated Kanthal BVC is a strong contender for the Japanese cotton, and its soaking abilities are also much praised, garnishing mammoth amounts of flavour and capable of producing great cloud formations for every time of vaping need. The coils are built from a strong material, that has long lasting potential combined with unbeatable durability. They are designed to sit deep within the well of the tank, again improving the amount of e-liquid juice that is soaked through the fibres and have airflow functionality that is arguably the finest one could find in the manufacture of coil technology.

The Innokin Slipstream Coils are sold in 0.5 ohm and 0.8 ohm variants for different vape results. This range caters for the more mellow type of vape, with traditional mouth to lung use, right up to more intense flavours with vast cloud results. The coils are long lasting, meaning there is less worry in often having to unscrew the tank components for a switch over.

It is recommended that, when using a new coil for the first time, you allow a modest amount of juice to soak into the coil for a short period of time. This will not only improve the life of the coil, but prevents dry burning and improves the flavour of your preferred e-liquid considerably.

The Kanthal BVC 0.8 ohm is for variable wattage (with a recommended range of 2-35 watts). The SS316L 0.5 ohm is for variable wattage or SS316L TC Mode (with a recommended range of 160-230C).

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Amazing coils that can last for much, much longer than two weeks. Always remember to prime them before use.

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