Innokin T18E Coils

Innokin T18E Coils

Innokin are known for producing great quality coils with fantastic flavour results and cloud capacity. Their cotton fibres get to work on the e-liquid juice without delay, ensuring that the waiting time on fitting a new coil is kept to a minimum.


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The T18E: A Coil For The Prism Tank

The coils included in this five pack of replacement coils are for the Prism tank used in the Innokin Edura t18E Kit. They are very similar to the coils that are used within the iSub tanks, and have a resistance of 1.5ohm, allowing for grand flavour concentrations and a truly magnificent amount of vapour production. The coils sit low in the build of the tank, allowing the soaking process to be sped up and better flavour results to be achieved.

The T18E Coils also incorporate the award winning formulation of Japanese Organic Cotton as their main soaking agent. This fibre gets to work in no time on extracting the flavours of the e-liquid. Due to the Endura’s No Spill Coil Swap System, the transfer time between changing coils is minimal and there is absolutely no mess. The coils are easily replaced by opening the base of the unit, removing the old coil and plonking the new coil in its place. This unique fitting system takes no time at all, getting the next vape ready in seconds.

The coils have a substantial life span. Depending on use, they have been known to last two months or even longer before needing to be replaced. This five pack future proofs the vaper. When first using a new coil, we do recommend that you allow it to sit in the e-liquid for a short while before firing the device.

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2.0 Ohms, 1.5 Ohms

3 reviews for Innokin T18E Coils
  1. 5 out of 5

    Rapidly swapped within the Prism tank, the coils really push flavours through. Personally, I prime before use, and get at least two weeks use out of a coil.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Arrived the next day. Top marks, as always, on your shipping.

  3. 5 out of 5

    A quick prime and a two minute soak is all these coils ask for – they’re ready to fire straight away. Excellent price.

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