Innokin T20 Coils – Five Pack

Innokin T20 Coils – Five Pack

The Innokin T20 is a tank that deserves the utmost of respect. It delivers brilliant flavour extractions and smashing cloud formations on every fire of that button, and is a tank that has been proven to stand the test of time. Keeping it in pristine condition is the least a vaper can do, and ensuring that the coils are always of an excellent standard is a key part of that care and attention the tank truly deserves.


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Authentic Coils For The T20 Tank

The T20 Coils are exceptional, in their own right, and have been designed to last for long periods of time before needing to be replaced. They are built from a strong, stainless steel chassis, and are packed with large amounts of Japanese organic cotton. This is the absorbent agent that most vapers aim for, as it provides a truly natural vape, and gets to work on the e-liquid in no time at all, without any fuss.

The coils are built to sit deep within the T20 tank, making sure that no liquid goes amiss. They have their own form of airflow around the internal section of the coil, ensuring that the wick gets a blast of air on every fire, helping to keep temperatures under control.

Thanks to the T20’s unique No Spill coil swapping method, the coils can be easily removed and replaced without having the added worry about e-juice spilling anywhere.

Depending on a vaper’s personal usage, the T20 coils can last anywhere between one and three weeks. Ideally, you should replace a coil as soon as the flavours don’t quite taste as perfect as they should. By purchasing this packet of five coils, you can rest assured that your favourite tank will always be ready to fire at optimum conditions.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    These coils fire fast after a swap – there’s hardly any waiting about, and they can handle some pretty thick juices.

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