Smok Stick AIO Coils – 5 Pack

Smok Stick AIO Coils – 5 Pack

The Smok AIO tank is a unit that produces amazing results on every vape. With brilliant airflow and excellent cooling abilities, it knows exactly how to produce the cloud that we so crave, along with excellent flavour extractions. It is, therefore, vital, that as vapers, we keep the tank running at exceptional standards and always pay it due care and attention.


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Coils For The Smok Stick

The coils in the Smok Stick are a critical part of this care. And, while the AIO coils are built from durable materials and made to last for long vaping sessions, you should always replace a coil when the flavours of your favourite juice just don’t seem quite right.

Built from a solid stainless steel construction, the AIO coils are designed to screw deep inside the tank, pulling every last drop of your e-liquid inside and around the cylinder. They consist of a organic cotton wicking material, that promises to get to work on your juice in the minimal amount of time. The cotton – also known as the absorbent – produces a truly natural vape with wonderful flavour results and vapour formations.

The AIO Coils have their own form of heat dissipation, which helps keep the temperature of the absorbent under control, even under heavy firing conditions. Your tank is also looked after in this regard.

Always ensure that your Smok Stick is ready to work at optimal performance by having a spare set of AIO coils at hand, at all times.


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