Vape On The Wild Side With Cuttwood E liquid

Cuttwood e liquid is renowned around the world as some of the finest of e-juices and their dedication and experience shows in every draw of their magnificent flavours. Cuttwood juices are produced and aged in the sunny surroundings of California, and they use only the purest of ingredients to make your vape wholesome and memorable.

Our Cuttwood Flavours

Below is a brief summary of the fine e liquid flavours that we stock. For a full description, with PG/VG ratios and nicotine content selection, please select the bottle of your choice.

Bird Brains

We can't recommend this flavour of e-liquid enough! A lot of competing brands have tried their hand at making full fruit flavoured juices, but Cuttwood's Bird Brains really has the edge. It magnificently blends a huge amount of fruit flavours – the types of fruit you would commonly associate with summer – with subtle, but sweet undertones on every exhale. Bird Brains is an e-liquid that has vapers coming back for more, with its unique blend of freshness and sweetness. The summer berries give it a very natural feel, without losing the sugary flavours we know so well with the fruits of summer.

Boss Reserve

Boss Reserve is one of those excellently crafted juices that will appeal to sweet-toothed vapers and fruit lovers alike, due to its crisp after notes of sliced banana. The prominent ingredient is a massive boost of golden honey, mixed with a fine coating of roasted nut clusters. Boss Reserve is a blend of e-liquid that you won't want to put down.

Livid Lime

The e-liquid market is awash with lime flavoured juices, but only Cuttwood have managed to find a way to pack such an enormous amount of citrus flavours in to every drop of their juice. Livid Lime makes for such fresh sensations on the tongue and in the air around you – so much so, that you get the impression that even your tank enjoys the tangy notes. We have sampled a vast variety of lime flavoured e-liquids, but none have been able to match Livid Lime in terms of its purity, and true sense of freshness on the vape. It is a juice that has to be tried to be believed.

Manic Mint

Mint flavours of e-liquid come and go, but Manic Mint is a flavour that is here to stay. While not strictly a menthol flavour, fans of such juices will love this bottle of mint infused flavours. Manic Mint is bursting to the seams with minty freshness, and Cuttwood promise that only the best of mint extracts are blended in to this excellent vaping liquid.

Mega Melons

What makes Cuttwood's Mega Melons stand out among the crowd of fruit flavoured juices is the way they have uniquely blended three different varieties of melon in to their liquid. Mango is magnificent in the inhale, followed by the triple burst of cantaloupe fruits, rock melons and Persian melons on the exhale. A stunning combination of flavour is to be found on every fire of that button.

Mr. Fritter

For sweet-toothed flavour fans, look no further than Mr Fritter. This brilliantly crafted bottle of juice packs one mammoth amlount of sugary treates into ever part of your vaping experience. Prominent hits of three different sugary tones are released in every inhale of the juice, including a wram, honey-coated sensation of home-made fritters, followed by aq delecate blend of sugary apple and sweetly spiced cinnamon. This glorious combination of sweet flavours will satisfy many a vaper. Mr Fritter is one of Cuttwood's finest blends, designed entirely with the sweet-tooth in mind.

Outrage Orange

Because California is home to some of the worlds juiciest varieties of oranges, it seems only natural that Cuttwood, being based in this stunning area with its sunny climate, would go ahead and make one of the finest orange flavoured bottles of e-liquid a vaper could possibly wish for! Outrage Orange throws citrus blow after citrus blow, out of the tank and straight to the vaper. Every part of an orange is included in the vape, from the fresh, sweetly squeezed drops, the refreshing taste, and even hints of orange peel on the exhale, to surround you in a glorious scent of cloud.

Sugar Drizzle

There are – quite literally – thousands of sweet flavoured e-liquids on the market, from candy floss to chocolate muffins. Cuttwood know just how important those sweet sensations are to a sweet-toothed vaper, and they have cut to the chase and produced a bottle of juice that will stun any sweet addict – Sugar Drizzle! When sweet flavoured vapes are your thing, why beat about the bush? Sugar Drizzle blends some of the sweetest flavours together in a single bottle, from honey and syrup, to sweet cinnamon on full-flavoured cream. Sugar Drizzle is a bottle that does exactly what it says on the tin, promising to deliver sugary hits, time and time again.

Tobacco Trail

Getting the formula correct in a tobacco blended e-liquid is no easy task. Despite the fact that there are many different tobacco flavours on the market, the tobacco vaper is normally desperate to find something that can weave them away from the traditional cigarette and into the healthier world of vaping. Tobacco Trail accomplishes this with ease. Cuttwood have cleverly infused a fine blend of tobacco leaf flavours with a mild after note of honey, while being extra careful not to make the sweet sensations too distinct. If you're looking for an excellent tobacco blend, then Tobacco Trail will satisfy that need.

Unicorn Milk

Unicorn Milk is a truly magical blend from Cuttwood, e liquid of this standard and with these fine ingredients are hard to find. It not only satisfies the vaper in terms of a stunning release of flavour, but its VG/PG ratio allows for the cloud to formulate around the vaper in a haze of wizardry. The blend contains beautifully sweet aromas of strawberries, with no less than four different concentrations of creamy milk. Out of all the cream varieties of e-liquid there is available, Cuttwood have created a definite winner with their Unicorn Milk. Cream lovers, the world over, will be overwhelmed by what this e-liquid can achieve.