Mega Melons

Mega Melons

If you're a fan of fresh, sweet and refreshing e-liquid flavours, then a bottle of Cuttwood's Mega Melons will certainly not disappoint!


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An E liquid With A Juicy Blend of Melons

Produced in the beautiful and bright surroundings of California, Mega Melons delivers an incredibly satisfying draw of delicious mango on the immediate inhale. This delicate juice is then slowly morphed into a rainbow of mouthwatering cantaloupe fruits, from rock melons to Persian melons, in a magnificent blast of flavoursome cloud. Finally, the well awaited exhale delivers mammoth amounts of papaya, filling your senses with mass cultivations of this great fruit.

With a VG / PG ratio of 70% / 30%, the most distinct flavour in this bottle of e-liquid is its excellent, triple blend, of three magnificent melon varieties. The California sun and the fresh liquid dripping from these luscious fruits fills the imagination on every vape. The ratio blend compliments your coil perfectly, throwing vast amounts of mango through the cloud, and concentrating the cantaloupe and papaya flavours deep into every drop of vapour.

Completely hand crafted from the get-go, Cuttwood’s unique blend of e-liquids have won praise from around the globe, and Mega Melons is absolutely no exception. In terms of freshness, it’s hard to find a better bottle of juice, and its sweet combination of flavours are unmatched. Mega Melons is a perfect vape for days relaxing in the garden, turning the coals of the barbecue, whilst sipping away on that icy drink. The flavours of this vape are quite stunning, and it is most definitely a bottle you’ll want to try again – and again!

It is important to note that, if chosen, Mega Melons may contain nicotine. The product is hand crafted in the United States.

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