Mr Fritter

Mr Fritter

Cuttwood's Mr Fritter is a groundbreaking new juice that simply smashes its way through every other sugar based e-liquid on the market!


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Get Your Sugar Fix With This Amazing Vape

It uniquely takes three completely different prominent flavours and blends them together in such a way that it makes every single vape a whole new experience. Fire up your device for a split second and you will be granted with a slamming blow of deliciously warm and honey coated home-made fritter. Allow the cloud to circulate, and you’ll then be presented with a special blend of fresh apple and sweetly spiced cinnamon. The exhale also delivers a special after note of sweet flavours – only, we don’t know what they are, as it’s a closely guarded secret by Cuttwood! What we can say, however, is that warm, roasted chestnut is evident and, perhaps, that mild hint of freshly baked apple pie!

Not only do Cuttwood know everything there is to know about blending only the finest of electronic cigarette flavours together, they also know exactly how these juices will interact with your device. With Mr Fritter, you can be certain of an extremely creamy cloud of sweet fritter on the inhale, and a lovely concentration of apple and cinnamon on the exhale. Vapour production is quite simply fantastic with its perfectly balanced VG / PG ratio of 80 / 20, and room filling fragrances with cloud chasing technology is simply stunning!

Mr Fritter comes fitted with a safety cap for child protection purposes. It is generally recommended that you allow the juice to soak into the cotton of new coils for a few minutes before initiating that first vape, and doing so helps avoid any dry burns. Unless you have stated otherwise, the bottle may contain nicotine. Keep away from children.

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