Tobacco Trail

Tobacco Trail

The amount of tobacco based e-liquid products available in the market is, quite simply, staggering. Tobacco flavours are the natural starting point for anybody trying to leave the world of analogue filter cigarettes in the past and move in to this new experience.


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A Nutty Tobacco Flavoured E liquid

With the wide variety of tobacco options to choose from, it makes for some difficult decision making. Many flavours do their best to imitate the brands available in the shops, often with poor results, as the flavours tend to have that ‘burnt’ feel to them. Another hard aspect to take from the analogue cigarette is the throat hit, a vital factor in anybody making that transition. And, as a final consideration, there are the tobaccos that have their own unique flavour qualities – the ingredients they have been soaked in. Together, these factors are very difficult to imitate correctly in an e-liquid.

This is where Cuttwood’s Tobacco Trail comes in to play! The initial firing of this e-liquid throws a massive punch of perfectly blended tobacco leaves into the mouth and lungs of the vaper (if he or she wishes), and delivers that much expected throat hit with a finely duplicated behaviour. The soaking factor consists of mellow undertones of sweet (but not strong) honey, giving the tobacco its own unique character. The smoke-like intensity of the blend is expertly formulated, and the VG / PG ratio of 70 /30 gives that authentic edge of cloud capacity and flavour intensity. The limitations of this blend are endless. Adjusting airflow and temperature settings can turn this tobacco in to a truly personalised flavour.

Renown manufacturers of excellent e-liquids, Cuttwood have pulled every string possible in making Tobacco Trail an e-liquid of noble calibre. In tobacco standards, it is one of the finest.

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