Dinner Lady

Vape Away With Dinner Lady E liquid!

Dinner Lady e liquid has a range to suit all types of vapers, from sweet-tooth’s to tobacco connoisseurs. They have won great praise among the vaping community, and have also bagged a number of awards with their flavour-packed formulas. We stock an excellent range of Dinner Lady’s best produce, making certain that we have a fine juice to satisfy your every taste bud.

Dinner Lady – A Master Crafter Of E-Liquids

Dinner Lady are a manufacturer of expertly crafted, hand made, premium e-liquids, based in Lancashire in the United Kingdom. They promise to offer their customers the ultimate vaping experience with their stunning selection of juices and, in our opinion, they haven't failed. One of Dinner Lady's keys to success is their ability to carefully monitor all of the competing brands and to produce their liquid to a higher standard, each and every time. They have studied market research data, to a tee, to analyse exactly what a vaper requires from his or her favourite juice, and pushed every boundary in making sure that the need for the very best of flavours has been fulfilled.

Dinner Lady produce all manner of flavours of electronic cigarette liquid, including fruity favourites, sweet treats and finely blended tobacco juices. They pride themselves on avoiding cheap ingredients, making sure that their customer only receives the best of vapes, with the very best of contents inside each and every bottle. This mantra means that you are only getting the purest of juice, blended in the finest way, with the finest ingredients.

Dinner Lady are certain that both newcomers to vaping and experienced vapers will fall in love with their e-liquids, and we can stand by that claim. Their liquids are truly magnificent, and will have you feeling eager to try more and more of their blends.

Our Dinner Lady E-Liquid Selection

We are extremely particular about the brands we stock. We make sure that every single one of our labels are produced to the highest of standards and that the quality of their juice is exceptional. We make sure that all of our liquids have been quality tested to a level that many other companies fail to meet. Buy purchasing your e-liquid from us, you can rest assured that the contents of your juice have been manufactured to the highest of standards, using only the most exceptional of ingredients.

With Dinner Lady and our other exceptional brands, you can be certain that your coil will be loving every last soak of the flavours, and that your vape will be awesome in every way imaginable.

All of our juices have a full description on their relative pages, listing the VG and PG ratios. This allows vapers to decide which juice may best suit their coil builds and overall vaping experience, including flavour connoisseurs and cloud chasers. Choosing a juice that suits your mod or battery, and its attached tank, can be a delicate process. Some vapers prefer e-liquid that has a higher PG concentration, for a stronger throat hit, while others prefer a greater amount of VG for denser cloud formations. Sometimes, your tank is built to handle these ratios in a certain way, that can improve the vape considerably. At eCigarette.co.uk we are more than happy to help find the perfect blend of liquid for your vaping needs.

Dinner Lady's Most Popular Flavours

Dinner Lady produce so many fantastic flavours, it is difficult to select the best of their blends. There are, however, four flavours that vapers tend to purchase on a regular basis, and this short guide lists why they are so much famed. The information below is just a brief guide to the flavours you can expect to receive from Dinner Lady's products – for a more comprehensive description, please select an item from the available bottles.

Cornflake Tart

Dinner Lady's Cornflake Tart has one prime principle – to take us back in time. Beautiful and glamorous flavours of jam and syrup are to experienced on the inhale of this miraculous blend of liquid. Allow the flavours to settle, ever-so slowly, and you are rewarded with a brilliant undertone of old-fashioned pudding on the exhale. Yes, that crispy sensation that applies to pastry. The taste and smell is a true winner among all sweet categories of e-liquid, and one that will not only send you back in time, but try its best to keep you there!

Lemon Tart

Need we say more? Well... actually, yes, we do! Dinner Lady's Lemon Tart is a flavour of e-liquid that wins hands down in terms of tartness and sweetness. We all remember the wonderful taste of home-made lemon tart, and Dinner Lady have masterminded this memory into a liquid that will throw you back in time. Fill your tank with Lemon tart, let the juice settle, then fire that button and you'll be rewarded with a fresh hit of pure lemon. Allow it to settle and let the cloud formulate, and, out of nowhere, you will be greeted with the sugary undertones that makes a lemon tart so adorable.

Strawberry Custard

Custard flavours of e-liquid, somehow, work magic. New users to electronic cigarettes find custard a brilliant starting point – in some cases, more-so than tobacco flavoured products. Seasoned vapers normally always keep a custard flavoured bottle close to hand. Custard has a special property about it that other flavours just cannot compete with, and Dinner Lady's home crafted brand of Strawberry Custard is a combination of the finest strawberry, mixed with amazing concentrations of cream.

Rice Pudding

If there is one thing, out of many, that Dinner Lady know everything about, that thing is how to produce the most unique rice pudding – and to concentrate it into vapour form. Their bottles of Rice Pudding are simply mouth-watering with heavy levels of flavour. Nothing goes amiss in their fine blend – the creamy rice flavour is extremely prominent on the inhale, and the undertones within the cloud are measured to perfection, with hints of raspberry jam.