Dr Salt

Dr Salt E liquid – A New Way To Vape

Dr Salt e liquid is revolutionary in the vaping world as they use nicotine salt. Never heard of this? Keep reading to find out more.

The trick in moving away from the dreaded cigarette to vaping is the nicotine content in the juice we use in our tanks. It is this simple chemical that helps makes the transition as straightforward as possible. Just as nicotine is found in patches, gums and sprays, its content in e-liquid is also of vital importance, and works so much better than the pharmaceutical alternatives.

Nicotine, however, can prove problematic at times. It is a chemical that can produce rather harsh throat hits in e-cig devices. It is also problematic in finding the correct measure for a smoker hoping to move away from tobacco.

Dr Salt is a range that has found ways to overcome these issues, with a range of juices that will appeal to all manner of vapers. Their range, and innovation, hopes to completely change the vaping world – and we sincerely believe them.

The Concept Of Dr. Salt

Dr Salt's approach to e-liquids and to nicotine extraction is a revolutionary concept – a concept that they are truly leading the way with.

In avoiding the standard injection of nicotine into a liquid, Dr Salt have discovered a way of using the natural nicotine salts found within the tobacco leaf. In doing so, they are pushing the way we vape our juices in a whole new direction. With natural salt content, the vape is much smoother, meaning that the harsh throat hits can be eliminated from every fire of the button.

This isn't to say that those who enjoy a throat hit will be denied such an experience with the range. The PG content of the juice, and the way in which an e-cig can be configured, allows the user to personalise exactly how the end result of the vape is formulated. What it does mean, however, is that the actual passage of nicotine to the vaper is performed in a much smoother, and more pleasant way.

Natural nicotine salts are also absorbed by the body in a much faster way than standard nicotine is. This means that the relaxing hit can be achieved much quicker with Dr Salt's range than with any other e-liquid. Due to this fast absorption rate, the actual milligram content of juices are different to that of normal e-liquids. A 12.5mg juice from Dr Salt, for example, would be more powerful in terms of nicotine hit than that of a standard 12.5mg bottle.

The fast absorption time of nicotine salts helps closely resemble that of smoking a traditional cigarette. For any newcomer to vaping, this latest formula has countless positives – and makes the transition away from tobacco products all the more simple and painless.

The alteration in strength also has several other benefits. First and foremost, you are able to get that nicotine fix in a shorter space of time, without having to purchase high strength juices (which are consistently being regulated and downgraded). Secondly, its smoother method of delivery means that you are tasting the flavour of the juice in a greater way than before. And, thirdly, because the absorption rate is so fast, you may find that you are inhaling less often, meaning that your e-liquid will last much longer than with standard juices, saving you money in the process.

Great E liquid Professionally Made

Dr Salt's laboratory is a ISO Class 7 facility based in Dorset, in the United Kingdom. Their range is fully TPD compliant and they take safety and reliability very seriously. When it comes to producing the best of flavours, they know that using only the most premium of ingredients will suffice, and, in doing so, ensure that your vape will be nothing short of excellent.

Salt based nicotine is a completely natural formula found within the tobacco leaf, and its extraction is performed in a high-tech way.

Because the mg content is different in absorption than standard nicotine juices, Dr Salt are happy to recommend the levels that may best suit a newcomer, or the adjustable levels for any current vaper. Generally, somebody vaping a high content of nicotine, will find that a lower level is sufficient with nicotine salts. A newcomer to vaping may find, on the other hand, that a high level of nicotine salt will work best for them. In either scenario, Dr Salt are happy to help recommend the best amount.

The Dr. Salt E liquid Range

Few things vary as much as vaping tastes and preferences. Dr Salt's range has been cleverly formulated to cover as many as these tastes as is feasibly possible, with outstanding levels of flavour in each and every bottle.

As stated, one of the main advantages of using pure nicotine salt is that the nicotine content no longer interferes with the flavour of the vape. You are, therefore, getting the flavours and the cloud, as intended by the master blenders at Dr Salt, without varying mg strengths altering the end result.

Below is a brief summary of what to expect from the fine bottles in this range. For further details, and a full flavour description, please select the correct product from the page.

Blue Ice
This liquid has been designed to appeal to fans of the crushed ice drink, so commonly found in seaside resorts on those baking hot summer days. It blends a fine concoction of blueberries and raspberries on the inhale, with a fine, cool, minty blast of menthol on the exhale.

Olympic Dream

This blend cleverly weaves a prominent taste of blueberry on the inhale, with an undercurrent of assorted fruits on the exhale. It is a flavour that will appeal to any fruit flavoured fan, and is one of the most popular juices in the range.

Red Devil
Throwing a blast of red cherries on the first fire of the button, this unique liquid finishes the session off with a fierce throw of menthol notes, for an extremely refreshing and revitalising vaping experience.

Straw High

As one of the first flavours to play with nicotine salts, this blend really pushes the boat out. It puts sweetness at its forefront, with strong glows of strawberry on the inhale, with a smothering of delicate cream on the exhale.

Lemon and lime play a key role in this refreshing, citrus blend. Undertones of pineapple and strawberry are also present in the cloud, along with several other hidden fruity gems. The exhale also goes out to impress, with a mass of creamy cloud being produced, to truly finish the experience in style.

Wham Star
Again, one of the most popular blends available – Wham Star fizzes proudly with flavours of raspberry. It's jazzy texture makes it a real winning blend, popular with any sparkling juice fan.

If you have not tried Dr Salt e liquid yet then pick up a bottle here today. For a smooth and satisfying vape look no further than Dr. Salt.