Blue Ice

Blue Ice

Dr Salt have revolutionised the way in which e-liquid is manufactured and the way in which a vaper can go about their cloud sessions. Their juice is manufactured in the United Kingdom, in their Dorset ISO Class 7 laboratory, and is created in a way that extracts the natural salts from the tobacco leaves, producing a much milder throat hit, but with much faster nicotine absorbent times.


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A Gorgeous Blend Of Berries & Menthol

Blue Ice is a special, premium blend of e-liquid that expertly marries blueberries with raspberries on the inhale. Flavour and freshness is abound in this magnificent combination. Fruit flavoured fans will be highly impressed by the combination, as the extractions of berries are pure and not overpoweringly sweet. On the exhale, the vape transforms slowly into a fresh minty blast of cloud, making this liquid ideal for menthol lovers, and a brilliant juice for the menthol fan to experiment with, if he or she wishes to venture a little further afield into the premium blends on offer, without losing that minty touch.

Because liquids produced by Dr Salt concentrate on delivering nicotine to the vaper in a faster form, it is recommended that the user considers their nicotine content carefully. A high nicotine concentration can, possibly, be a little too intense on the vape. We recommend that, if you are used to vaping a medium strength liquid, then you should consider purchasing a slightly weaker, but not minimal, nicotine strength with the Dr Salt range. Personal preferences and experimentation, however, are key to getting your balance right.

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3 Pack – 05mg, 3 Pack – 12.5mg, 3 Pack – 20mg

3 reviews for Blue Ice
  1. 5 out of 5

    Blue Ice makes for a very different type of vape. I’m normally a menthol fan, but this juice introduces a bit of berry to the mix, and a minty taste afterwards. Highly recommended to any menthol vaper.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Love Dr Salt’s stuff. This is a menthol-type blend, but also very fruity.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Arrived early next morning. Great delivery.

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