Straw High

Straw High

Strawberry flavoured juices tend to come and go. Nearly every e-liquid manufacturer has had a bash at getting the fruit just right, but, the majority of the time, only a cordial-like flavour has been accomplished, and thus not really making the vape appeal to the fan of the fresher fruit varieties.


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A Flavoursome Strawberry Vape Juice

Dr Salt have entered the e-liquid market with a bang, and have produced a range of e-liquids that really do excel in flavour and fresh juice extractions. Their version of the strawberry blend, aptly named Straw High, has been especially brewed to bring out only the most exceptional of strawberry juice, without a hint of the standard cordial versions in sight. And, as if getting the flavour to perfection wasn’t enough, the exhale fills stunning amounts of cloud with a wonderful haze of cream, making this vape also exceptional for the fan of the sweeter finishing touches.

With a VG count of 50% this bottle of juice has been made to produce a significant amount of cloud, and also helps ease the amount of throat hit further, unlike the heavier PG concentrations. It should be noted, however, that Dr Salt use a method of extracting pure salt from the tobacco leaves, which helps deliver the nicotine content quicker to the vaper. This better emulates the rate in which a traditional cigarette’s nicotine would be absorbed. Therefore, high nicotine concentrations of this juice may be a little too powerful for some users, with lower levels than normal recommended.

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3 Pack – 05mg, 3 Pack – 12.5mg, 3 Pack – 20mg


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