Dr Salt’s Twisted juice is a powerhouse of an e-liquid, packing a mammoth amount of flavours into every drop. It has been blended to resemble a fine dessert, with fresh and sweet flavours abound.


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A Sweet Fruit and Ice-cream Vape

The inhale of the vape introduces you to a special selection of fruit flavours, with lemon and lime being the prominent ingredients. This combination really does make the vape feel refreshing and clean on the taste buds. Undertones of pineapple and strawberry are also detectable, giving the citric content a nice, mellow sprinkling of summery sweetness. Allow the flavours to slowly subside, and the exhale will form a beautiful cloud, laced in a scent of creamy ice cream.

Because Dr Salt’s range of juice uses natural concentrations of salt from the tobacco leaf, it allows the nicotine levels of the liquid to be absorbed by the body in a faster amount of time than standard e-liquid bottles. This can be beneficial to those who are attempting to quit smoking, as the speed of absorption is similar to that of the traditional cigarette. However, for current vapers, it is important to note that your current nicotine levels may have to be lowered, as Dr Salt’s content can prove to be a little over-powering. Trial and error, as always, is key, but to experience this juice at its finest, it is generally advised to use a nicotine level slightly lower than your usual.

Dr Salt are proud of their revolutionary new method in e-liquid development, and it will surely impress any current vaper, or any newcomer.

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3 Pack – 05mg, 3 Pack – 12.5mg, 3 Pack – 20mg


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