Evil Cloud

Evil Cloud: A Totally Wicked E liquid

Evil Cloud are a brand that aims to deliver deep, intense results, behind a mask of subtlety and misdemeanour that appeals to the more discreet of vapers. All e-liquid brands have their own form of unique taste, style and form of marketing. It could also be argued that certain brands are aimed at a particular character of vaper and this sure is one of them.

What Is The Hype With Evil Cloud E liquid?

While it takes most new blenders of e-liquid a period of time to establish themselves within the industry, some blenders hit with a bang – Evil Cloud is one such blender, and it hit with an explosive blow.

Evil Cloud enjoy staying on the dark side of the e-liquid market. They actually pride themselves on playing the bad boy, and - just as their name implies - they produce juices that are aimed at the vaper who likes something more sinister in their vaping experience.

Their range of juice – albeit relatively new and small in scale – has been carefully crafted to appeal to a large spectrum of vapers who enjoy something out of the ordinary. Why settle for a strawberry tart when you can have such a flavour mixed in a more wicked way, with hard hitting flavours on every vape? Evil Juice are here to satisfy that need, and their flavours prove that they really do mean business.

And so, although new to the world of vaping, this brand of e-liquid has made a first move with a very definitive step. They are here to stay, and to suggest otherwise is a futile suggestion, indeed!

Evil Cloud Characteristics

Although it shouldn't be considered an important aspect of a vape, sometimes the character behind a juice is what makes it work, and with Evil Cloud, their character certainly stands out a mile.

Evil Cloud are proud to state that they have a sordid passion for all things evil, and in saying this, we can guarantee that they mean it! Their range is built from an underground perspective – using dark fruits and dark flavourings to harness flavours that can only be described as deeply mesmerising.

If you feel as though your flavours just fall short of the intensity you require in your vape, then you can rest assured that this brand of juice will have something to correct the issue. Think deep, think dark, and you can be certain that a flavour in this range will have the characteristics to suit your vape and your vaping style to perfection. And, quite possibly, the entire range.

Marketing And Visuals

Evil Cloud have jumped and smashed straight through every hurdle imaginable when it comes to marketing their range to a universe of vapers. They have studied the market intensely, and have pin-pointed where their blend belongs and to what standard it should be introduced.

With an underground, gangster-like temperament in mind, their range has rapidly found a foothold in the vast world of e-liquids. They knew, from the very beginning, that they were formulating flavours to appeal to the more discreet and more selective of vapers. In doing so, they have created a cult following, and one that has helped push the brand ever forwards.

To date, Evil Cloud is a young blender, but to any newcomer to vaping, they come across as being extremely well-established.

There are few vape shops that don't stock the range on offer. And, those that don't are missing out on a golden opportunity for themselves and for their clientele. The flavours available are made to satisfy the more determined of vaper, and are especially formulated to work with every tank and device imaginable.

And, the brand doesn't stop there.

Evil Cloud has a substantial amount of followers on their social media and Instagram pages. They sell quality goods that help promote the brand in a way other blenders have either overlooked or decided against, to their peril. With Evil Cloud, all manner of clothing items are available – and designed not to advertise their brand in a dominant way, but in a stylish way.

Their bottles are packaged in a way that also speaks volumes. The dark side of the brand is evident on all packaging, and, although this shouldn't affect the end result, it still adds that last bit of touch to your vape. And, as any vaper will know, it is these final touches that make us trust a brand – they let us know that they are here to serve the customer and that they have their heart positioned firmly behind the liquids they produce.

It is this determination, in underground style, marketing and packaging, that makes Evil Cloud a powerful player in the ever-extending pitch of e-liquid produces. They are a brand that refuses to sit on the sidelines – they intend to take the fight forwards, all the way to the touchline, and beyond.

Their Range Of Wicked E liquid

Evil Cloud are extremely selective about how they go about producing their flavours. They know that vaping styles vary to an unimaginable degree, and trying to hit the perfect curve in those styles is an equation they have worked tirelessly on.

Flavours, of course, are key to any e-liquid. With this range, you can be certain that the deepest, darkest concentrations of flavour have been added to each and every bottle, with magnificent results. Citrus hits are available for those who like their zing; sugary concoctions for the sweet toothed fanatic; or cool minty blasts for the menthol fan who wants to try something different and tantalising.

The VG/PG ratio has also been carefully researched.

Cloud capacity is of importance in everybody's vape. And with a 70% VG content, every flavour in this range is guaranteed to deliver excellent vapour results, and promises to be perfect for drippers and sub ohm vapers.

Throat hits, of course, are of equal importance for the traditional mouth to lung vaper, and Evil Cloud have selected a fine margin of 30% PG to allow this hit to work. Their blends are powerful in their own right, and do not require a higher content in this regard.

All said and done, Evil Cloud are a brand that is here to impress. We can promise the entire vaping world that they have a juice that will grant the vaper the best of flavour and cloud experiences possible.