California Krush

California Krush

If you like your fruit flavoured vapes, with a difference, then California Krush is a flavour of juice that should not be overlooked. Three of the purest forms of fruit are thrown into this special blend of juice, and their interaction with one another works to a classic, golden standard.

Available in 70/30 VG/PG in a 50ml bottle and is Nicotine Free.


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California Krush: Evil Cloud’s Finest E liquid

Evil Cloud are the new boys on the block, and they come with a stunning range of juices that have entered the market with a bang! With California Krush, we have a flavour that has pushed the boundaries in what can be accomplished within an e-liquid, by mixing mango, banana and guava together in a harmonious fashion.

On the inhale, you will be greeted to a fresh blast of iced mango. Cool on the taste buds, this icy flavour makes the vape a perfect starting point for the menthol vaper hoping to test some of the more adventurous blends on offer. The inhale slowly subsides, from the cool mango, into a flavour of a rich banana smoothie. The sugar content introduced at this stage is high and vibrant, making the vape win hands down in the sweetness categories.

Exhale, and the vapour transforms in to that of a tropical guava – filling the cloud about your person in speckles of this fine, summery fruit. And, thanks to the high VG ratio of 70%, you can rest assured that the cloud will be dense enough to please the vaper who enjoys his or her sub ohm sessions. The 30% PG content is also just right to enable a sufficient throat hit, and can be easily manipulated on the majority of devices.

With such a special blend of juice, it is safe to say that Evil Cloud are a manufacturer that may be new, but are certainly here to stay with an e liquid like California Krush in their inventory.


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