Nasty Juice

Nasty Juice: Malaysia’s Best E liquid

Nasty Juice was created to completely change the way in which we vape, and the way in which flavours are formulated and vaporised in our tanks. The end results and the cloud formations are formidable in their own right, and the brand goes out of its way to ensure that your vaping experience is the most enjoyable it possibly can be.

With Nasty Juice, you can rest assured that you are purchasing a premium grade product, and one that has undergone strict testing to comply to TPD regulations. You can also be promised that only the very best of ingredients have been used in their juices, ensuring that your vape is a pure and as flavour packed as possible.

What Is The Story With Nasty Juice?

Unlike most e-liquids manufacturers, Nasty Juice entered the market with an explosion. Their blends were instantly praised, from day one, and they went on to produce more and more premium juices from that day onwards.

Based in Malaysia, and complying to every regulation the globe over, Nasty Juice has established itself as an e-liquid brand that everybody has now heard of – in the same way popular cigarette brands are known across the world. They are the vapers favourite, and a juice that is seen almost everywhere you frequent.

So, how did this blender of juice become so popular?

Firstly, they went out of their way to do what any self respecting blender should do – they listened to the customer. They studied all types of vaping styles, tastes and devices, and took this information into account when it came to making blends that stand out. The customer, after all, is always right – therefore, getting the flavours and cloud correct is key to making a successful brand of e-liquid.

Secondly, they wasted no cost on style. Nasty Juice is like the Nike of trainers, or the Band and Olufsen of speakers, or the Harrods of shops – they are a brand that stands out with clarity, exquisite taste and luxurious use. With Nasty Juice, you are purchasing a liquid that isn't just about the best of flavours, but the best of blends.

And thirdly, Nasty Juice has sat back and relied on customer satisfaction and experience to see their brand grow from strength to strength. The best of flavours don't need to push themselves out to gain popularity – they win because they are perfect in what they do. Every tank, and every coil, happily accepts a bottle of Nasty Juice.


Established in only 2014, Nasty Juice rocketed in popularity in such a short space of time. Blended in Malaysia, the juice is now the most sought after e-liquid in the country, and it has spread like wildfire over the entire vaping globe.

Nasty Juice pride themselves on studying what the customer wants in his or her vape, and they go all-out to make sure that those needs are fulfilled. Everything from flavour wishes to cloud amounts, throat hits to nicotine levels are closely studied, and the results compiled and incorporated into their blends.

It is this dedication and this popularity that harnesses attention within the vaping community, and with attention follows praise.

Nasty Juice are proud to state that they have won much accolade in Malaysia and around the world. In their home country they are the most sought after e-liquid. They are also the manufacturer that is leading the vaping industry to its peak. In Kuwait, the juice has been voted as the best fruit based blend available – a mammoth achievement when up against an army of different manufacturers in their market.

And, further afield, in Poland the liquid has quickly boomed in popularity, winning the famous Vape Expo Poland award for the best fruit liquid of 2016. Shortly after this victory, the blend soon found itself to almost every last corner of Europe, winning acclaim in every country it found itself.

To date, Nasty Juice is a blend that can be found in e-cig shops all over the globe. They market themselves in a Rolls Royce fashion, with no detail missed. Their packaging is second to none, and made to stand out a mile against the competition. Their range of flavours is ever increasing and always appealing, covering all manner of tastes. And, their prime aim – to convert smokers to vaping – is one that is achieved with style and sophistication.


Nasty Juice really know how to blend an e-liquid to perfection. They keep a stable balance of PG and VG ratios throughout their blend, ensuring that all vaping needs are catered for. Higher concentrations of VG ensure that cloud is formed to a maximum and that the vape finds its way from tank to user in a comfortable fashion. Likewise, the PG ratio means that a throat hit can still be maintained to make the transition away from smoking all the easier. Their formula works wonders in any modern e-cig device and tank, and works harmoniously with any coil build.

Nasty Juice also have a few other tricks up their sleeve when it comes to getting the correct flavours from factory to vaper. They use aluminium bottles within their range to ensure that the liquid stays as pure and as flavoursome as possible – plastic bottles are prone to sunlight and other heat sources, whereas an aluminium build keeps everything nice and cool.

They also have a Low Mint formula for their juice. This is an alternative to menthol flavourings and really makes a dramatic difference in quality and taste. It is used in some of their fruit blends as a final refreshing blast, and also in their menthol range. For any newcomer to vaping, and particularly anybody who is accustomed to menthol cigarettes, this new flavour will certainly impress.

With a range of flavours to satisfy everybody across the vaping spectrum, and designs to impress, along with premium ingredients and blending dedication, Nasty Juice is a producer of e-liquid with a mission – to convert any smoker away from tobacco and onto a healthier new alternative.